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Stock Number: B1272

Sina Ekato High Shear Homogenizer

ISEN Hydrolic Motor:

-Type: YS90L-4(22B) 


-r/min: 1430

-Hz: 50

ABB 3-Motor:

-M2BAX 160MLA2

-No: 3G1C18440683023002

-Volts: 220

-Hz: 50

-KW: 11

-r/min: 2919

-Amps: 36.9

-Product code: 3GBA161410-BSCCN+VC

Frame dimensions: length: 49.5", width: 43.5", height: 78" 

-Distance from bottom of the mixer to the ground: 17.5"

-Comes with 1 mixing tank

-Tank has a cone bottom with a 2" outlet

Tank dimensions: Diameter: 32", Height: 31", Height with legs and wheels: 46"

Capacity of Tank:

-US Gallons: 108

-Imp Gallons: 90

-Liters: 409