Stock Number: B1266
45 Imperial gallons
54 U.S. Gallons
206 Liters

Jacketed Sanitary Stainless Steel Reservoir/ Tank

-Domed bottom

-On 4 legs with wheels

-2 temp gages, 1 for inside the tank, the other for inside the jacket

-Total height with legs: 55"

-Height of tank: 22"


Stock Number: B1496
800 Imperial gallons
960 U.S. Gallons
3,632 Liters

Mash lauter tun tank

-20" man hole on top

-Rectangle man hole on the side with cover is 12.5" x17"

-Main drain spout is 8"

-Tank dimensions: 76" diameter  x 49" height, the four legs are 28" tall

-Over all height with spout: 8'


Stock Number: B1633
1,474 Imperial gallons
1,769 U.S. Gallons
6,694 Liters

Large Dimple Jacketed Stainless-steel Tank

Stock Number: B1632
1,610 Imperial gallons
1,932 U.S. Gallons
7,311 Liters

Large Stainless-steel Dimple Jacketed Tank

Stock Number: B1357
2,876 Imperial gallons
3,451 U.S. Gallons
13,057 Liters

Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank with a Steam Heating Coil

Stock Number: B1142
44 Imperial gallons
53 U.S. Gallons
200 Liters

Stainless-Steel Jacketed Mixing Tank

-Closed top


-Man hole has sight glass

-False bottom tank

-On 11.5" legs

-Dome bottom

-Katt motor: 230/400…

Stock Number: B1628
Model: 112 Gallon OVC
83 Imperial gallons
100 U.S. Gallons
377 Liters

Stainless-steel Tank with a Delta Mixer on the Lid

Stock Number: B1048
89 Imperial gallons
107 U.S. Gallons
405 Liters

Closed top tank

-Closed top with manhole cover

-30" diameter x 35" deep 

-55” total height

-13” legs

-Mixer blade on the inside, no motor

Stock Number: B1625
Manufacturer: Stapco
Model: OVC-30-100
89 Imperial gallons
107 U.S. Gallons
404 Liters

Stainless-steel Mixing Tank with Agitator and Mixing Blade

-SN: S-1164-3

Stock Number: B1659
100 Imperial gallons
120 U.S. Gallons
454 Liters

100 Imperial gallon Stainless steel jacketed mixing tank

-40" tall x 31" diameter

-Jacketed stainless steel

-Lightnin mixer on top

-Max 50 PSI at 350

-3 legs 16"

-Manhole top

Stock Number: B1059
130 Imperial gallons
156 U.S. Gallons
590 Liters

Tank With Mixer On Lid


Stock Number: B1328
163 Imperial gallons
196 U.S. Gallons
740 Liters

Stainless Steel Mixing/ Grinding Tank with Weg Motor

Stock Number: B1334
Manufacturer: Walker
Model: SB-200
200 Imperial gallons
240 U.S. Gallons
908 Liters

Walker 200 Gallon Jacketed Stainless Steel Surge Tank

-Serial number: SPG-14370

-Tank diameter: 42"

-Length of tank with legs and motor: 9'2"

-Distance from bottom discharge to the ground: 34"

-Width of discharge at the bottom: 10"

-Cone bottom



Stock Number: C10228
238 Imperial gallons
286 U.S. Gallons
1,081 Liters

Stainless steel Tank With SM-Cyclo Mixer And A Reliance Motor

-4 legs on wheels with brakes

-Flat bottom

-Stair access

-Mixer : .96 HP, 1750 RPM

-Motor: 230/460 V, 1725 RPM

-Lid opens

-304 stainless steel

-Tank dimension:…

Stock Number: B1052
474 Imperial gallons
569 U.S. Gallons
2,152 Liters

Stainless Steel Tank With Mixer

-Tank dimensions 52” Diameter x 62” tall

-Closed top, Manhole lid

-Legs 43”

-104” Overall height

-Hawker Siddeley Electric motor: 5.0HP, 575V

-Former use was for sanitizer soap

-Bottom valve is 2.5" 

Stock Number: C10337
516 Imperial gallons
619 U.S. Gallons
2,343 Liters

Stainless Steel Mixing Tank With A Deep Cone

-Cone bottom with a  3.5" tri-clamp flange

-Mixer/cone scraper 

-2 manholes on lid

-61" diameter

-The height of the tank is 49"

-The over…

Stock Number: C10227
600 Imperial gallons
720 U.S. Gallons
2,724 Liters

Sanitary SS Jacketed Mix Tanks - 600 Imperial Gallons

  • 6' 4" dia x 38" straight side
  • 4" cone bottom, c/w 2 1/2" drain
  • full side & bottom dimple jacket
  • low pressure steam or hot water
  • insulated & SS clad
  • closed top c/w 1/3 hinged inspection cover
  • side…

Stock Number: C10313
821 Imperial gallons
985 U.S. Gallons
3,727 Liters

Stainless Steel Tank With Side Mixer

-6 legs with a cone bottom

-Cone top with manhole

-Mixer on side with a HAWKER SIDDLEY ELECTRIC MOTOR: 2 HP, 208 Volts, 7.46 AMPS, 1150 RPM,

-304 Stainless steel 


Stock Number: B1674
Manufacturer: SteelCraft Engineered Products Division
19,995 Imperial gallons
23,994 U.S. Gallons
90,778 Liters

Large Double Walled Tank


Stock Number: C9419
500 Imperial gallons
600 U.S. Gallons
2,270 Liters

Plastic Storage Tank c/w SS Containment - 500 Imperial Gallons

  • 4' dia x 7' high plastic tank
  • 5' x 6 1/2' x 32" deep SS containment tank
  • c/w Prominant metering pump
  • Top inlet: 15"
  • 2 IN STOCK

Stock Number: C10374
750 Imperial gallons
900 U.S. Gallons
3,405 Liters

750 Imperial gallon Open top fiberglass tank

-Open top

-Tank dimensions: 60" diameter x 76" tall

-Two flanges on the side at the bottom, one is 3" and the other is 2"

-Flat bottom

-3" nipple on side…

Stock Number: C10314
5,104 Imperial gallons
6,125 U.S. Gallons
23,172 Liters

Flat Bottom Tank

-Flat bottom tank

-304 ss

-Flat top with manhole


-Height: 134" 

-Diameter: 116" 

Shipping dimensions: 


Stock Number: C10091
11,500 Imperial gallons
13,800 U.S. Gallons
52,210 Liters

Fiberglass Storage Tank

-CAPACITY:   11 500 I.G. / 52 280 L                                      








Stock Number: C10717

Double Walled Propane Tank


Stock Number: A182

Enviromax Above Ground Tank for Flammable Liquids

Stock Number: C9497
4 Imperial gallons
4 U.S. Gallons
16 Liters

Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks - 3.5 Imperial Gallons

-6" dia x 34" long

-3.5 Imperial Gallons MAWP

-300 psi @ 250 F MDMT -

-20 @ 300 psi INDX TECH CANADA CRN

- OHO 2832.6 side mounted sight glass


Stock Number: C10116
15 Imperial gallons
18 U.S. Gallons
68 Liters

Stainless Steel Standing Tank

- Stationary

- Flat bottom

-With half closing lid

- Legs are 30"

-51" tall

-Stainless steel 

Stock Number: B1660
15 Imperial gallons
18 U.S. Gallons
68 Liters

Stainless steel tank on three legs

-On three stationary legs that are 21" tall

-Tank dimensions are 16.5 diameter x 19" tall

-Nipple at the bottom on the side is 1" diameter

-Open top

-Flat bottom

Stock Number: C10647
37 Imperial gallons
44 U.S. Gallons
168 Liters

SS tank on legs with mixer motor on the bottom

-Tank dimensions:23" height x 24" wide. Overall height 44". 4 legs are 22" tall

-Off spout side of bottom is 2.5" diameter

-Open too with lid

-Dome bottom

Stock Number: C10040
49 Imperial gallons
59 U.S. Gallons
222 Liters

Small Stainless Steel Open Top Tank


-Open top

-316 Stainless steel

-17” from the bottom of the tank to the ground

-45” overall

-27" diameter 

Stock Number: C10445
58 Imperial gallons
69 U.S. Gallons
263 Liters

Stainless-steel Tank

-Height: 37"

-Diameter: 23.5"

-Domed bottom

-Outlet: 4"

-Stainless steel

-On legs

-Height of tank with legs: 53"

-1 in stock

Stock Number: C10345
78 Imperial gallons
94 U.S. Gallons
354 Liters

Open top fiberglass tank

-4 stationary legs

-Dome bottom

-Open top


-Steel frame


Stock Number: C10094
78 Imperial gallons
94 U.S. Gallons
354 Liters

Tank on Legs

-3 Legs and stationary

-Open top

-34" from the ground to the bottom of the tank

-Tank dimentions: 24.5" diameter x 48" tall

-83" overall height 


Stock Number: C10118
78 Imperial gallons
94 U.S. Gallons
354 Liters

White Plastic Tank

-Dome false bottom: overall hight of the tank is 49 " and the depth of the tank is 33"

-Open top with lid 

-3 in stock 

Stock Number: B1627
85 Imperial gallons
102 U.S. Gallons
386 Liters

Stainless-steel Tank on Steel cart with Fork Pockets

Stock Number: B1626
85 Imperial gallons
102 U.S. Gallons
386 Liters

Stainless-steel Tank on Steel Frame with Casters

Stock Number: B1283
Manufacturer: Falcon
121 Imperial gallons
146 U.S. Gallons
551 Liters

Insulated Stainless Steel Tank with Two Direct Immersion Heaters

Stock Number: C10363
125 Imperial gallons
150 U.S. Gallons
568 Liters

125 imperial gallons open top plastic tank

-Nipple on bottom is 1/2"

-Open top

-Nipple on side is .5"

-31" diameter

-43.5" height


Stock Number: C10364
130 Imperial gallons
156 U.S. Gallons
590 Liters

130 Imperial gallon closed top plastic tank

-Closed top with manhole opening

-Flat bottom

-Measurements on side in U.S. gallons

-2" nipple on the side at the bottom

-1" nipple on the side at the top…

Stock Number: C10373
140 Imperial gallons
168 U.S. Gallons
636 Liters

False bottom fibreglass tank

-18" false bottom

-Tank dimensions: 38" diameter x 36" tall

-Lid half opens on top

-Tank has dome bottom with 3" drain on bottom


Stock Number: B1369
157 Imperial gallons
189 U.S. Gallons
713 Liters

Stainless-Steel Tank with 3" Outlet


Stock Number: C10234
170 Imperial gallons
204 U.S. Gallons
772 Liters

Stainless steel Open Top Tank On Wheels

-On 4 wheels

-Open top

-Flat bottom

-304 stainless steel

-Tank Dimentions: 36" Dieameter x 48" Tall 

-Legs are 11" tall 


Stock Number: B1359
181 Imperial gallons
217 U.S. Gallons
823 Liters

Stainless-steel Holding Tank

Stock Number: C10117
182 Imperial gallons
218 U.S. Gallons
826 Liters

Plastic Tank

-47" tall x 37" diameter

Stock Number: J180
200 Imperial gallons
240 U.S. Gallons
908 Liters

Stainless steel tank with dome bottom

-4 stationary legs that are 30" tall

-Dome bottom with a 3" drain on bottom

-1" valve on the side at the bottom

-Manhole on top

-Tank dimensions: 35" diameter…

Stock Number: B1676
200 Imperial gallons
240 U.S. Gallons
908 Liters

Stainless-steel tank on 55" legs

-Comes with lid that opens 1/3 of the way back

 -Valve in the middle of the lid is 2" 

-Tilted flat bottom -Port on bottom is 1.5" 

-Tank dimensions: 34" tall x 46" wide, on 55" tall legs 

-Shipping dimensions are 92"…

Stock Number: C10017
203 Imperial gallons
244 U.S. Gallons
922 Liters

Horizontal Tank 203 IG

-MAWP: 100/ FV PSI 

-MDMT: -20 F AT 100/FV PSI

-AT: 250 P

-Certified by Sharpsville Container 

-9" from the bottom of tank to the ground 

-64" (5 foot 4 inches) Overall height 


Stock Number: B1199
205 Imperial gallons
247 U.S. Gallons
933 Liters

Polished Stainless-steel Tank on 4 Legs

-Brushed polished finish on the stainless steel

-Dome bottom and top

-Manhole on side at the bottom

-Bottom flange: 2"

-Two top flanges: 2"


Stock Number: C10155
207 Imperial gallons
248 U.S. Gallons
940 Liters

Stainless steel Stationary Tank

-Open top with lid

-Stationary with fork pockets

-Flat bottom

-Diameter is 32.5"

-Height is 47.5"

 -3.5" flange on top  

-Bolt on lid 

Stock Number: C10344
215 Imperial gallons
258 U.S. Gallons
976 Liters

Fibreglass tank with manhole on top

-3 stationary legs

-Dome bottom

-Flat lid with manhole



Stock Number: B1343
230 Imperial gallons
276 U.S. Gallons
1,045 Liters

SS Insulated Horizontal Tank

 -Stainless steel hinge lids

Stock Number: C10346
239 Imperial gallons
287 U.S. Gallons
1,085 Liters

Flat bottom fiberglass tank

-Fibreglass tank

-Flat bottom

-Sight line on side

-4 short stationary legs

-Tank dimensions are 42" diameter x 48" tall

-239 imperial…

Stock Number: B1578
258 Imperial gallons
310 U.S. Gallons
1,171 Liters

Sanitary Variable Capacity Stainless-steel Tank (VCT)

Stock Number: B1624
260 Imperial gallons
312 U.S. Gallons
1,179 Liters

Stainless-steel Mixing Tank with Control Switch

Stock Number: B1360
272 Imperial gallons
326 U.S. Gallons
1,234 Liters

Flat Bottom Stainless-steel Holding Tank


Stock Number: C9683
Manufacturer: HOOVER
275 Imperial gallons
330 U.S. Gallons
1,249 Liters

Hoover APR Plastic Totes - 275 Imperial Gallons

  • 38" x 46" x 60" overall height
  • 2" drain side bottom c/w valve
  • 6" dia top fill port c/w cap
  • mounted on plastic 4 way pallet

Stock Number: B1510
275 Imperial gallons
330 U.S. Gallons
1,249 Liters

Plastic Totes in Galvanized Steel Cages

-Inlet: 6"

Stock Number: B1378
314 Imperial gallons
377 U.S. Gallons
1,426 Liters

Open Top Steel Tank


Stock Number: C10725
333 Imperial gallons
400 U.S. Gallons
1,512 Liters

Tank on four legs

-Lightnin mixer: modle is MD-24, 3/4 HP, 1725 RPM, 575 Volts, 1.38 AMPS

-Shipping dimensions: 58” diameter 98” height

-Tank is 400 us gallon Diameter of tank is 48”

-Cone bottom

Stock Number: B1137
500 Imperial gallons
600 U.S. Gallons
2,270 Liters

500 Imperial gallon Stainless steel tank

-Dome bottoms

-4, 25" legs

-Open top

-2" tri clamp nipple on bottom

-Tank dimensions: 61" tall x 54" diameter  

Stock Number: B1499
600 Imperial gallons
720 U.S. Gallons
2,724 Liters

Stationary Stainless-steel Tank

-Small manhole on top

-Rectangle manhole on the bottom on the side: 17"x 12.5"

-Flat bottom

-Dome top

Tank dimensions:

-Diameter: 56"

-Height: 69"

-4 stationary…

Stock Number: C10225
656 Imperial gallons
787 U.S. Gallons
2,978 Liters

Stainless Steel Tank With Lid

-On stationary legs

-Flat bottom

-304 stainless steel

-Lid opens on two sides

-656 IMP

Stock Number: C10229
720 Imperial gallons
864 U.S. Gallons
3,269 Liters

Tank with mixer

-4 stationary legs

-Flat bottom

-304 stainless steel

-4.250” side inlet port

-61” diameter tank 72” tall

-900 US gallon

-Shipping dimension : 74” wide x 113” tall

Stock Number: B1635
Manufacturer: PolyGator Products
844 Imperial gallons
1,013 U.S. Gallons
3,834 Liters

Poly Tank on Steel Base

Stock Number: C10226
861 Imperial gallons
1,033 U.S. Gallons
3,909 Liters

Stainless Steel Sanitary Tank

-Dome bottom

-Lid has man hole and a sight glass on top

-Closed top

-304 Stainless steel 

-Tank dimensions: 66" diameter x 74" tall 

Stock Number: B1666
985 Imperial gallons
1,182 U.S. Gallons
4,472 Liters

Open top Fiberglass tank with legs

Dome bottom 

Spout on of the bottom of the dome 

Open top 

Tank dimensions: 87" diameter x 46" tall,  

On legs, 40" tall 

Stock Number: C10367
1,000 Imperial gallons
1,200 U.S. Gallons
4,540 Liters

1,000 imperial gallon fibreglass tank on iron legs

-Flat bottom

-Legs are 12" tall

-Closed top

-Two valves on the side at the bottom

-Flat top with a manhole

-Tank dimensions: 98" tall…

Stock Number: C10369
1,000 Imperial gallons
1,200 U.S. Gallons
4,540 Liters

1000 Imperial gallon fibreglass tank

-Flat bottom

-Open top

-Two nipples on the side at the bottom

-One 2" flange on the side at the bottom

-72" diameter x 70" tall


Stock Number: B1519
1,202 Imperial gallons
1,442 U.S. Gallons
5,457 Liters

Insulated Stainless-steel Tank with Ladder


Stock Number: B1667
1,218 Imperial gallons
1,462 U.S. Gallons
5,530 Liters

1,218 Imp Gallon Fiberglass tank

1,218 Imp Gallons

3.5" Spout on the side at the bottom

Flat bottom Open top Comes with lid

Tank Diemensions: 112" tall x 62" diameter

Stock Number: B1637
1,232 Imperial gallons
1,478 U.S. Gallons
5,593 Liters

Plastic Tank on Steel Base


Stock Number: C10372
1,400 Imperial gallons
1,680 U.S. Gallons
6,356 Liters

1400 Imperial gallon fiber glass tank

-Manhole on top

-Flat bottom

-4" flange on side

-Tank dimensions: 61" diameter x 135" tall


Stock Number: B1145
1,500 Imperial gallons
1,800 U.S. Gallons
6,810 Liters

Steel Tank

-Tank dimensions: 145" tall x 62"

-Cone bottom with a 3" drain

-On steel legs

-4 in stock

-Shipping dimensions: 180" long/tall x 77" wide, approx 2000…

Stock Number: B1361
1,512 Imperial gallons
1,814 U.S. Gallons
6,864 Liters

Jacketed Stainless Steel Horizontal Tank

Stock Number: B1761
2,000 Imperial gallons
2,400 U.S. Gallons
9,080 Liters

Tank with heating coil

-Tank dimensions: 108" diameter x 60"

-Dome top and bottom

-Manhole on top

-Heating coil on the inside

-Sight glass on the manhole

-Bottom drain is 6"

-Legs are 56"

-Shipping dimensions: 134"…

Stock Number: B1234
2,166 Imperial gallons
2,599 U.S. Gallons
9,834 Liters

Large Plastic Tank

-Previously used for tall oil

-Comes with carbon steel stand 

Stock Number: B1668
2,261 Imperial gallons
2,713 U.S. Gallons
10,265 Liters

2,261 Imp Gallons Fiberglass Tank

Flat bottom

Manhole on side is 25" diameter

Open top with lid

Port at bottom is 2.5"

Tank dimensions are 108" Tall x 86" diameter

2,261 Imp Gallons

Two in stock 

Stock Number: B1592
2,378 Imperial gallons
2,853 U.S. Gallons
10,794 Liters

Cone Bottom Carbon Steel Hopper Tank

Stock Number: C10317
2,451 Imperial gallons
2,941 U.S. Gallons
11,128 Liters

Stainless Steel Tank With Shallow Cone Bottom

-5 legs

-Shallow Cone bottom 

-2451 IMP

-Flat top with manhole

-set up for a mixer 

-Tank dimensions: 130" diamete x 81" tall 


Stock Number: C10223
2,504 Imperial gallons
3,005 U.S. Gallons
11,368 Liters

Double Walled Plastic Tank

-Double walled

-Flat bottom


-Closed top

-Tank dimensions: 179" Diameter x 88" height 

Stock Number: C10190
2,798 Imperial gallons
3,358 U.S. Gallons
12,703 Liters

Viatec Fibreglass Tank

-2798 IMP gallon

-Design temp and press 160 F

-Structural layer: 745-4615 Isophthalic

-manhole on top 



Stock Number: C10320
3,019 Imperial gallons
3,623 U.S. Gallons
13,706 Liters

Stainless steel insulated tank with carbon steel skin

-Insulated with carbon steel skin 

-On legs

-Dome bottom and top

-Manhole top

-Tank dimensions: 95" diameter x 126" tall 

-154" total height with legs 


Stock Number: C10370
3,300 Imperial gallons
3,960 U.S. Gallons
14,982 Liters

3,300 Imperial gallons Fibreglass Tank

-Flat bottom

-Dome top

-Manhole on top and on the side

-92" diameter x 141" tall


Stock Number: J224
3,600 Imperial gallons
4,320 U.S. Gallons
16,344 Liters

3,600 imperial gallon Stainless steel tank

-Flange on side at bottom is 2.5"

-Flat bottom

-Manhole on top

-Tank dimensions 190" tall x 82" diameter 

-304 Stainless Steel 


Stock Number: C9506
3,600 Imperial gallons
4,320 U.S. Gallons
16,344 Liters

Fibreglass Proceptor Double Tank Oil/Water Separation System

  • Separates oil/grease from water
  • 10' dia x 9 1/2' straight side
  • 12' overall height
  • 7' 2" internal straight side
  • skirted bottom, internal dish
  • center drain to side discharge (6")
  • 2' dome…

Stock Number: C10375
4,000 Imperial gallons
4,800 U.S. Gallons
18,160 Liters

4,000 Imperial gallon Fiber glass tank

-Flat top with manhole

-2 flange on side at the bottom

-Tank dimensions: 118" tall x 110" diameter


Stock Number: J368
4,749 Imperial gallons
5,698 U.S. Gallons
21,559 Liters

Steel Tank with Glass Lining

-Horizontal tank
-On 4 stationary steel legs
-Glass lined

Stock Number: J206
6,990 Imperial gallons
8,388 U.S. Gallons
31,735 Liters

6,990 Imperial gallon Fibreglass tank

-114" diameter x 190" tall

-2 manholes. Both at the sides and the bottom. One is 19" the other is 28"

-Flat bottom


-Draining nipple is 3"


Stock Number: C10311
7,069 Imperial gallons
8,483 U.S. Gallons
32,093 Liters

7,069 Imperial Gallon stainless steel Tank

-Supported with 4 legs

-Dome bottom

-Flat top

-304 stainless steel

-Dimpled jacket on bottom 

-Grated walk platform on the top 


Stock Number: J213
8,330 Imperial gallons
9,996 U.S. Gallons
37,818 Liters

Aluminum Insulated Stainless-steel Tank

-146" tall x 122" diameter 

-Manhole on side is 25"

-Flat bottom

-Aluminum insulated

-Tank made of stainless-steel

-1" flange on side at…

Stock Number: J220
9,100 Imperial gallons
10,920 U.S. Gallons
41,314 Liters

Stainless Steel Tank with Heating Coil

-Flat bottom and top

-Heating coil on inside

-Manhole on side

-Stainless steel with insulation on the outside, some insulation damaged from the move 


Stock Number: J367
10,082 Imperial gallons
12,098 U.S. Gallons
45,772 Liters

Large Stainless steel tank with manhole on the side

-Stationary tank

-Manhole on the side at the bottom and one on top

-Flat bottom

-Tank is 187" tall x 138" diameter

-10,082 Imperial gallons


Stock Number: J216
11,900 Imperial gallons
14,280 U.S. Gallons
54,026 Liters

Insulated stainless steel tank

-Flat bottom

-Dome top

-Flange on side is 1.5"

-Tank Dimensions: 200" tall x 145" diameter

Shipping dimensions with it laying down:

-Length: 20.2 ft


Stock Number: J458
15,533 Imperial gallons
18,640 U.S. Gallons
70,522 Liters

Large Stainless-steel Tank with Heating Coil and Mixer

Stock Number: A173
16,656 Imperial gallons
19,987 U.S. Gallons
75,618 Liters

Large Steel Tank

Stock Number: B1766

82 Imperial gallon Stainless steel tank

-Dimensions: 28” diameter x 37” tall
-Volume 98.6 US Gallon / 373 litre
-Shipping dimensions: 43” length x 43” width x 62” height
-Inlets/ outlets: 3” inlet on top, 2” inlet on top, 1” NPT inlet on top, 2” outlet…

Stock Number: B1598

Carbon Steel Flat Bottom Tank


Stock Number: D1

Clemmer Deisel tank

Tank dimensions. L- 10’7” x W- 6’

Shipping dimensions. L- 11’5” x H- 7’

This tank is double walled and used for flammable materials.

Stock Number: B1132

Plastic Totes in Steel Frames

Total of 6 totes available in varying sizes: 

1 Small Tote with UN (Pictures 2-8): -Capacity: Imperial Gallons: 125, Liters: 575 -Serial number: D06113 -Test pressure:…

Stock Number: B1743

SS food grade Tank on legs

-Came from a food grade water plant

-876.38 Imp Gallon

-Shipping dimensions: 66.7" diameter x 100" tall

-Tank dimensions: 66.7" diameter x 70" tank height

-Slight dome bottom

-Lid on top, can be removed

Stock Number: B1745

SS Rectangle water storage tank

-Came from a food grade water plant

-Tank dimensions: L- 48” x W- 15” x H- 16”

-There is a float switch inside the tank.
-Shipping dimensions: L- 51” x W- 18” x H- 32”

Stock Number: C9679

Stainless Steel Totes

Stock Number: B1599

Wide Carbon Steel Flat Bottom Tank