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Stock Number: B1334
Manufacturer: Walker
Model: SB-200
200 Imperial gallons
240 U.S. Gallons
908 Liters

Walker 200 Gallon Jacketed Stainless Steel Surge Tank

-Serial number: SPG-14370

-Tank diameter: 42"

-Length of tank with legs and motor: 9'2"

-Distance from bottom discharge to the ground: 34"

-Width of discharge at the bottom: 10"

-Cone bottom


-Has rotating side scrapers

-316 stainless-steel

-Mounted on SS legs and load cells

Mounted agitation motor:

-ID number: 5458586001AC 079167-16-NN

-Size: 056CM16F25

-Input RPM: 1750

-Output RPM: 70

-Input: 3.00 HP

-Torque Cap: 2277 IN/LB

Baldor Electric Motor:

-Serial number: F1408111867

-Cat number: VWDM3546

-Spec: 35S603P439G1

-HP: 1

-Volts: 208-230/460

-Amps: 3.2-3/1.5

-Hz: 60

-RPM: 1740

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