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Stock Number: B1361
1512 Imperial gallons
1,814 U.S. Gallons
6,864 Liters

Jacketed Stainless Steel Horizontal Tank

-Dimensions of tank:

-Height: 60"

-Length: 118.5"

-Width: 59"

-Six ports on one side: one: 1", three: 3", two: 1.5",

-The other side has three ports: two: 3", one: 2"

-Two inspection hatches with lids on top of tank, both have a 22" diameter

-4 ports on top of tank

-There is a divider down 1/3 of the tank

-Total dimensions:

-Height: 70"

-Length: 118.5"

-Width: 75"

-Approximate weight: 6000 pounds