Stock Number: B1203

Auger feed hopper

-Stainless steel

-On wheels

-Top of Feeder is 40" x 40"

-Feed connection is 3.5" diameter

-Height from bottom of leg to top of hopper: 37"


Stock Number: B1404
Manufacturer: Tech 3 Manufacturing Co.

Flexicon Feed Hopper & Auger

Stock Number: B1119

hopper Vac-u-Max

-Stainless steel vac-u-max hopper

-18" top opening

-38" tall

-8" bottom opening

Stock Number: C10103

Live Bottom Hopper


-Legs are 34.5"

-38" Diameter

-4.5 Outlet

-3 Legs

-Handles on lid

-2 in stock 

Stock Number: C9636
Model: V-41-A1 c/w Power Pulse Controller

Sanitary SS Hopper/Sine Pump - 80 IG

  • 32" x 44" x 34" deep
  • 1 1/2" bottom connected to sine pump
  • open top
  • side mounted Syntron Magnetic Vibrator
  • Model V-41-A1 c/w Power Pulse Controller
  • Model SPS-20 sine pump
  • 1.5" tri clamp…

Stock Number: B1259

Sanitary Stainless Steel Hopper for Transfers

-On a frame attached to 4 legs with wheels

-55" diameter

-Total height including the legs and wheels: 37"

-2 in stock

Stock Number: C10444

Stainless Steel Hopper

-Screen on top

-4" opening at bottom

-height of the hopper with the legs: 72"

-height of just the hopper: 42"

-width of hopper: 42"

-length of hopper: 65"

-underneath discharge…

Stock Number: B1405
Manufacturer: Brabender Technologie Inc.

Stainless-steel Brabender Feeder

Stock Number: C10611
Manufacturer: Cozzini
Model: CSH5000

Stainless-Steel Hopper with 8" Outlet

Stock Number: C10332

Two Hoppers

-Sight glass on side 

-2.5" Outlet 

-22" Inlet 

Stock Number: B1321

Waukesha Cherry Burell Twin SPX Feeder Pumps with Stainless Steel Hopper