Stock Number: B1272

Sina Ekato High Shear Homogenizer

ISEN Hydrolic Motor:

-Type: YS90L-4(22B) 


-r/min: 1430

-Hz: 50

ABB 3-Motor:

-M2BAX 160MLA2


Stock Number: B2015

Delta Mixer Mod. PDPG8PGF

-Shipping dimensions: height 28" x width 13" x length 11"

Delta Mixer:
-model PD PG 8PGF
-Serial# 2031

Leeson Motor:
-model C90T17FZ10C
-HP 2
-2.37 Amps
-1710 RPM
-575 Volts

Stock Number: C10056

Lab Size Hermann Linden Sigma Blade Mixer

-Hermann Linden LK U2 Stainless Steel Lab size Double Sigma Blender

-Size: 5 1/2" Wide. X 7-7/16" Long, Gear-

-motor: 2 HP (1.5 KW), 240 Volt, 1725 RPM, 60 Cycle, 3 Phase, 97 Output RPM,


Stock Number: B2016

Lightnin Mixer Mod X1P50A

-Shipping dimensions: length 10" x width 12" x height 23"

Lightnin Mixer:
-Model # X1P50A
-Serial # R05436288-01
-CW rotation

Stock Number: B2017

Lightnin Mixer Mod. XD-30VM w/ DC Motor

-Shipping dimensions: length 20" x width 10" x height 23"
-3 3/4" Flange

Lightnin mixer:
-model # XD-30VM
-Serial # R0133289602
-CW Rotation

DC Motor
-Model # DC 40N
-Serial # N042007
-HP 1/3

Stock Number: B1263

Lightnin Pneumatic Clamp on Agitator

-Model # NAG-100 

-Serial number: 771617X

-Greey mixing equipment

Stock Number: B1262

Lightnin Pneumatic Clamp on Mixer

-Model # NAG-100

Stock Number: B1880

Littleford Mixer FKM-600-D

-Shipping dimensions of unit: 76” width x 111” length x 79” height
-Base: 38” width x 82” length x 57” height
-Model FKM-600-D
-Jacketed with 75 PSI
-Seimens motor: 15 HP, 230/ 460 V, 1760 RPM

Stock Number: B1881

Littleford mixer fm-130-d

-Shipping measurements: 50” x width x 66” length x 72” height
-Model: fm-130-d
-Explosion-proof electric motor (x2): 10 HP, 130/460 volts, 24.4/12.2AMPS, 1770 RPM
-Siemens motor: 20HP, 48/24 AMPS, 3520 RPM, 230/460…

Stock Number: C10085

Mixer 460 V

-Sew-Eurodrive Motor: -1760/244 RPM, 460 V

Stock Number: C10082

Mixer 575 V

-Motor: 2/.5 HP, 575 V, 2.3/1.0 AMPS

-Two in stock

Stock Number: C10092

Mixer with variable speed drive

-Brook Motor: 900 RPM, 230V/460V, 2.0HP

-has variable speed drive

Stock Number: C10090

Nauta Mixer







Stock Number: C10835
Manufacturer: Arrow

Pneumatic Mixer

-Shipping Dimensions: Height 31" x Width 16 1/2" x Length 16"
-1/3 HP
-10,000 max RPM
-Batch size water 20 L
-Direct gear ratio
-4 in-lbs torque

Stock Number: C10093
Manufacturer: Prochem

Prochem Mixer

-Motor: 10HP


Stock Number: C10349

Read Co. Mixer

-Master motor:1/3 HP, 1 Phase, .4 AMPS, 1725 RPM, 115 V

-Z blades

-Manual dump 



Stock Number: B1071

Shin-IL Mixer

-Stainless steel planetary and immersion blender

-Vacuum rated

-150 US gallon, cooling jacketed mixing pot

-Roll out pot on tracks

-Mixer drive motor at 37 kw at 460 V

Stock Number: C10143

Small Mixer On Legs


Stock Number: J395

Top mount mixer with optim motor

-Mounted to a 27" diameter tank lid

-Shaft to mixer is 14"

-HP: 3

-Volts: 575 

-Rpm: 1755 

-PH: 3

Stock Number: C10057
Manufacturer: Wink Worth

Wink Worth Mixer 10 Z

- Z blades

- G.E.C. Machines Limited motor: 2.0 HP, 575V

Stock Number: C10058

Wink Worth Mixer 8 Z

-A.E.I Limited motor: 208/440, 1.5HP