Stock Number: B1350
Manufacturer: Summit
Model: 2196STO

20 HP Summit Centrifugal Pump with Optim HE Plus Motor

Stock Number: C9382
Manufacturer: GOULDS
Model: 3196

3" Goulds 3196 Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump

  • Model 3196
  • 3 x 2 - 13
  • 25 hp, 575 volt, 1800 rpm
  • 300 USGPM @ 150
  • Both motor and pump have been refurbished and fitted with high temp seals

Stock Number: B1338
Manufacturer: GOULDS
Model: 3796

3" Goulds Pump with Weg Motor


Stock Number: J353

5 HP Centrifugal Pump


Stock Number: A120
Manufacturer: Gorman Rupp
Model: T8A60-B

8" Gorman Rupp Pump

-Self priming centrifugal pump

-Serial number: 78773

-8" inlet and outlet

-Flange connections 

Total dimensions: 

-Height: 45" 


Stock Number: A166
Manufacturer: Gorman Rupp
Model: T8A60-B

8" Self Priming Centrifugal Pump


Stock Number: J192

A.C.I.L pump Siemens motor

-The last use was liquid soap

-On a stationary frame that is 58" x 15"

-Motor: 1765 RPM 15 HP 332/575 V

-3" inlet and outlet

Stock Number: C10218

Ampco Pump With Leeson Watt Saver Motor

-Motor: 7.5 HP, 575 V, 3520 RPM

-Inlet is 2"

-Outlet is 1.5"

Stock Number: C10158

APV Puma Pump With AC Motor

-AC motor: 20 HP, 575 V, F.L. Speed 3500, 19 F.L. AMPS

-3" Inlet

-2" Outlet

Stock Number: C9374
Manufacturer: APV
Model: PUMA

APV Sanitary SS Centrifugal Pump

  • Model - PUMA
  • 2" x 1 1/2"
  • tri clamp ports
  • 1 hp, 575 volt
  • 3450 rpm

Stock Number: B1557
Manufacturer: APV Crepaco Inc.
Model: 4V2

APV Stainless-steel Centrifugal Pump

Stock Number: A170
Manufacturer: Fristam Pumps Inc
Model: FZ-20

Centrifugal Fristam Pump

-Volts: 575

-RPM: 1725

Stock Number: J352

Centrifugal Pump with 5 HP Motor


Stock Number: J279

Centrifugal pump with a magneto electric motor

-Motor:10 HP, 575 V, 10AMP, 1740 RPM, 60 HZ

-On steel frame with wheels

-Base dimensions are 19" wide x 50" long 

-4" inlet and outlet

Stock Number: B1078

Classified UL Pump With Weg Motor

-Motor: 575 V, 18.6 AMPS, 20 HP

-2" Inlet and outlet

-Only one in stock 


Stock Number: B1127
Model: PH 2111

Dean Centrifugal pump

-1750 RPM

-275 PSI

-5" inlet

-3" outlet

-Base is 35" x 10"


Stock Number: C9394
Manufacturer: DURCO
Model: 1K-3X1.5-8-74

Durco Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump - 200 USGPM

  • Model 1K-3X1.5-8-74
  • 20 hp, 575 volt, 3600 rpm
  • 3" x 1.5"
  • 200 USGPM @ 203

Stock Number: J298

Durco pump with century motor

-On stationary steel base


-Motor: 15 HP, 1755 RPM, 600 V


-3" inlet

-2" outlet

Stock Number: C10136

Finish Thompson Pump With Crown Motor

-2.5" Inlet

Stock Number: C10217

G And L Pump And Weg Motor

-Motor: 5 HP, 1720 RPM, 460 V

-Inlet is 2"

-Outlet is 1.5"

-Base 32" x 10"

Stock Number: C10178

G and L pump With 1/5 HP Franklin Electric

-Motor: 1/2 HP, 1726 RPM, 208-230/460 V

-1" outlet

-1.5" inlet

-2 in stock 


Stock Number: C10177

G And L Pump With 1/5 HP Franklin Electric Motor

-Motor: 1/2 HP, 1726 RPM, 208-230/460 V

-1" outlet

-1.5" inlet

-2 in stock

Stock Number: B1075

G And L Pump With Weg Motor

-Motor: 575V, 20 HP, 3520 RPM, 18.6 AMPS

-2.5" inlet

-2" outlet

-Base is 13" x 42"

-2 available 


Stock Number: B1335
Manufacturer: Gorman Rupp
Model: T10A60S-B

Gorman-Rupp T-Series Self-Priming Centrifugal 10" Pump with Optim HE Plus Motor

Stock Number: B1348
Manufacturer: Gorman Rupp
Model: T6A60S-B

Gorman-Rupp T-Series Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump with Optim HE Plus Motor


Stock Number: C10135

Gould Pump With Baldor motor

-2" inlet

Stock Number: J193

Gould's pump with weg motor

-Last use was for chemicals

-2" inlet and outlet

-Mounted on steel frame

-Weg motor: 575 V, 9.35 AMPS, 3500 RPM, 10(7.5) HP

Stock Number: C9392
Manufacturer: GOULDS
Model: 3196MT

Goulds Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump - 450 USGPM

  • Model 3196MT
  • Serial T1D645
  • 4" X 3" X 8"
  • 30 hp, 460 volt, 3450 rpm
  • 450 USGPM @ 150

Stock Number: C10184

Goulds Pump

-1800 RPM

Stock Number: C10186

Goulds Pump Plus Base

-2" inlet

-1" outlet

-Base 52" x 15"

Stock Number: J356
Manufacturer: GOULDS

Goulds Pump with 15 HP Motor


Stock Number: C10137

Iwaki Mag-Drive Pump With Crown Signature Motor

-1.5" Inlet

-1" Outlet

-Crown motor: 3.1 AMPS, 3510 RPM


Stock Number: C10138

Iwaki Mag-Drive Pump With Marathon Electric Motor

-1.5" Inlet

Stock Number: C10388

Kontro Pump with SEW Motor

-4" inlet and outlet

-Base is 42" long x 21" wide

-Sew motor: 330/576 V, 10 HP, 18.12/10.4 A, 32-197 RPM


Stock Number: J292

La Bour pump with a Optim motor

-1.5" inlet and 1" outlet

-On stationary steel base

-With guard

-Motor:1755 RPM, 575 V, 9.28 AMPS, 3 Phase, 10 HP

Stock Number: J302

Pump with brook Crompton motor

-On stationary steel base

-Motor: 575 V, 10 HP, 9.7 A, 3460 RPM

-1" inlet

-1.5" outlet

Stock Number: J288

Pump with OPTIM motor

-4" inlet

-3" outlet

-On stationary steel base with a guard

-Motor: 50 HP, 575 V, 45.5 AMPS, Phase 3, 1770 RPM

Stock Number: C10174

Pump with Reliance Electric motor

-Motor: 3/5 HP, 1725 RPM, 230/460 V, 2.2/1.1 AMPS

-2.5" Inlet 

-2" Outlet

Stock Number: C10215

Pump With Sew-Eurodrive Motor

-Sew-Eurodrive motor: 330/575 V, 2.7/1.48 A, 1 HP, 1700 RPM

-Inlet and outlet are 2"

-Base is 34" x 10"

Stock Number: C10146

Pureflo Pump With Hawker Siddeley Electric Motors

-Motor: 7.5 HP, 3480 RPM

-Inlet is 3"

-Outlet is 2"

Stock Number: J301
Manufacturer: GOULDS

Reliance motor with a Goulds pump

-On stationary steel base

-Motor: 8 HP, 575 V

-2" inlet

-1.5" outlet

-Has guard

Stock Number: C9393
Manufacturer: S A ARMSTRONG
Model: 4 x 3 x 8-40P

S A Armstrong Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump - 400 USGPM

  • Model 4 x 3 x 8-40P
  • Serial 80117
  • 400 USGPM @ 130
  • 20 hp, 230/460 volt, 3480 rpm

Stock Number: C9399
Manufacturer: Q PUMPS

Sanitary SS Centrifugal Pump - 5 hp

  • 5 hp, 575 volt, 1735 rpm
  • 2" x 1 1/2" tri clamp ports

Stock Number: C9402
Manufacturer: Q PUMPS
Model: QC-218-MO18TC

Sanitary SS Centrifugal Pump - 5 hp (B)

  • Model QC-218-M018TC
  • 2" x 1 1/2" tri clamp ports
  • 5 hp, 575 volt
  • 3500 rpm

Stock Number: B1337
Manufacturer: Smart Turner
Model: A05

Smart Turner Centrifugal Pump with Baldor Motor


Stock Number: B1336
Manufacturer: Smart Turner
Model: A70

Smart Turner Pump with Baldor Motor


Stock Number: B1271

SS CIP Centrifugal Pump with Weg Motor on a SS Cart

-3 Phase

-Amps: 6.93

-3 Phase, Amps: 6.93

-Volts 575

-HP: 7.5

-Hz: 60

-RPM: 3515

Stock Number: C10156

Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump

-Motor: 15 HP, 575 V, 3500 RPM

-Outlet 2"

-Inlet 2.5"

Stock Number: C10084
Model: MPC-51W

Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump with 30 HP Motor


Stock Number: B1550
Manufacturer: Fristam Pumps Inc
Model: FP1742-190

Stainless-steel Centrifugal Fristam Pump

Stock Number: B1546

Stainless-steel Centrifugal Portable Pump

Stock Number: B1349
Manufacturer: Summit
Model: 2196LFSTO

Summit Centrifugal Pump with Optim HE Plus Motor

Stock Number: B1315

Taco Centrifugal Pump with Weg Motor

-2" inlet and outlet

Weg Motor:

-Phase 3

-Volts: 575

-Amps: 1.84

-HP: 1.5

-Hz: 60

-RPM: 1745


Stock Number: C10149

The Gorman-Rupp Co. Pump With Brook Motor

-Brook Motor: 0.75 HP, 206-203/460V, 1130 RPM

Stock Number: C10173

Tri-Canada Pump With Weg Motor

-Motor: 5 HP, 575 V, 5.20 AMPS, 3490 RPM

-Inlet is 2.5"

-Outlet is 2"

-Food grade

Stock Number: C10147

Vacuum Pump

-Howell motor: 2HP, 3450 RPM, 2.4 AMPS

Stock Number: B1479
Manufacturer: Viking Pump
Model: 2-3/ 540

Viking Centrifugal Pump Head

-SN: 004159

Stock Number: J202

Viking pump with sew motor

-Motor: 330/575 V, 1740 RPM

-The base is 52" x 12"

-Inlet and outlet is 4"

Stock Number: J286
Manufacturer: Viking

Viking pump with weg motor

-2" inlet

-2.5" outlet

-Steel stationary base

-Has guard

-Weg motor: 7.5 Hp, 1765 RPM, 575V, 3 PH

Stock Number: J190

Waukasha pump

-The last use was liquid soap

-3" outlet and inlet

-Comes with guard

-Elektrim motor: 575 V

Stock Number: C9708

Waukesha Cherry Burrell Sanitary SS Centrifugal Pumps - 15 hp

  • 15 hp, 3450 rpm
  • 230/460 volt
  • #316 087 2065
  • 2" x 1 1/2" tri clamp ports
  • LAST USE:  Salad Oils
  • 2 IN STOCK

Stock Number: C10216

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Pump With Sew-Eurodrive Motor

-Motor: 330/575 V, 2.13/1.22 A, .75 HP, 79 RPM

-Base is 32" x 12"

Stock Number: C10185

Waukesha Pump

-4" x 4" inlet and outlet

-Base 9.5" x 11"

Stock Number: B1430

1.5" Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump

-Flange connections

Stock Number: B1385

1" Diaphragm Pump on Steel Cart


Stock Number: B1384
Manufacturer: Warren Rupp
Model: PB1-A

1" Sandpiper Diaphragm Pump


Stock Number: B1376
Manufacturer: Iwaki
Model: TC-X253ST-NPT

1" Stainless-Steel Iwaki Air Diaphragm Pump


Stock Number: B1386

1/2" Diaphragm Pump

-Inlet and outlet: 1/2"

Stock Number: B1352

2" (PP) Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump


Stock Number: B1490
Manufacturer: Gold pump
Model: CPB2A

2" Steel Diaphragm Pump


Stock Number: B1082

ANSI diaphragm pump

-Base is 8" x 11"

-1.5 inlet and outlet

Stock Number: C10016
Manufacturer: ARO

ARO Diaphragm Pump


-Inlet and outlet: 1.5"

-4 in stock

-Tested on Dec 1st 2022, all work great!


Stock Number: B1036

ARO Pump

-Pump type metalic air operated double diaphragm 

-Maximum material inlt pressure 10 P.S.I.G

-Maximum material inlet pressure 10 P.S.I.G 

-Max outlet pressure 120 P.S.I.G

-Max outlet pressure 120 P.S.I.G


Stock Number: B1488
Manufacturer: Graco Husky
Model: Husky 716

Graco Husky Aluminum Diaphragm Pump

Stock Number: C10110
Manufacturer: Husky

Husky pump

-Husky 1040

-Max fluid 120-8.4

-Teflon balls and seats

-Stainless body

-Chemical use

-Tephlon Diaphragm 

Stock Number: B1351
Manufacturer: Husky

Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump


Stock Number: B1276

Riverside DP3B 3" Diaphragm Pump

-Gas powered diaphragm pump

-Briggs and Stratton motor

-Engine family: GJDGS-1271UA   GJDGPNHEQ003  CM9

-Model number: 83100

-Model year: 2016

-Displacement: 127cc

-Air index #: 5

-New (has manual)


Stock Number: C9635
Manufacturer: SANDPIPER
Model: EB2-A

Sandpiper 316 SS Diaphragm Pump - 2"

  • Model EB2-A
  • Type - IGN-2-SS
  • 2" NPT ports
  • mounted on SS portable cart

Stock Number: B1375
Manufacturer: Iwaki
Model: TC-X253ST-NPT

Stainless Steel Iwaki Diaphragm Pump


Stock Number: B1414
Manufacturer: Yamada America Inc
Model: NDP-40BST-XP

Yamada 1" Stainless-Steel Diaphragm Pump

Stock Number: C10646

York Diesel Pump

-Twin diaphragm pump

-12 V for control valves pneumatic pump



Stock Number: B1407
Manufacturer: Roper

1.5 HP Roper Gear Pump

Stock Number: B1406
Manufacturer: Roper

5 HP Roper Gear Pump


Stock Number: B1408
Manufacturer: Roper

7.5 HP Roper Gear Pump on Cart

Stock Number: C9398
Manufacturer: TRI ROTOR
Model: 100 CX

Tri Rotor Gear Pump - 3"

  • Model - 100CX
  • 3" flange ports, c/w by pass valve
  • pump only

Stock Number: J291
Manufacturer: Weg

Viking pump with 20 HP Weg motor

-Has guard

-Weg motor: 20 HP, 1770 RPM, 20 AMPS, 575 V, 3 phase

-2" inlet and outlet

-On stationary steel base that is 15" x 76"

Stock Number: B1124

Milroy metering pump

-Model: MC1-M40-D141

-Underwriters Laboratories motor: 2 HP, 1725 RPM, 208-230/460 V, 3 Phase

-Dimensions without motor: 39" wide x 12" deep x 19" tall


Stock Number: C10113

Moyno Pump With a Reliance Electric Motor

-Motor is a Reliance Electric motor 1HP, 1738 RPM, 230/450…

Stock Number: C10112
Manufacturer: Moyno

Moyno Pump With a Sterling Motor

-Motor: 1/2 HP, 90 V, 1750 RPM, 5.20 AMPS

Stock Number: C10111
Manufacturer: Moyno

Moyno Pump with A.O.Smith motor

-Moyno pump

Stock Number: C10167

Tonka Flo Pump 3"

-3" Inlet and outlet

-33" long

Stock Number: C10168

Tonka Flo Pump With Baldor Motor

-Motor: 5 HP, 115/250 V, 7.4/3.7 AMPS, 3450 RPM

-1" Inlet and outlet

Stock Number: C10165

Tonka Flo Pumps

-3" Inlet

-68" Long

Stock Number: C10165

Tonka Flo With Leroy Somer Motor

-Motor: 7.5 HP, 200/230/460 V

-1.5" Inlet and outlet 

-65" Long 





Stock Number: B1556
Manufacturer: Tuthill
Model: A015-PCBBV

Kinney High Vacuum Pump


Stock Number: C9643
Manufacturer: KINNEY
Model: KLRC-75-KFA

Kinney Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - 5 hp

  • Model KLRC-75-KFA
  • 1.5" flanged ports
  • liquid ring
  • 5 hp, 575 volt, XPROOF
  • 1750 rpm

Stock Number: B1279

Rietschle Vacuum Pump

Model number: D-79650 

-Typ: SKP 49042-02 (57) 

-Hz: 60

-RPM: 3520

-Amps: 64.0/ 32.0

-Volts: 230/460 

-3 Phase

-KW: 18

-4.5" inlet and outlet

Stock Number: J394

Vacuum pump with Underwriters Laboratories Motor

-Control panel with overload reset

-On a stationary base

-Underwriters Laboratories motor:

Model F A3625074

.5 HP

575 Volts


Stock Number: B1161
Model: 06220

10 frame CAT High pressure pump head

-6 GPM

-850 RPM

-1200 PSI

-We will be getting our in house pump mechanic to make sure it runs in perfect condition


Stock Number: B1329

2.5" SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Lobital Pump

Stock Number: J433
Manufacturer: SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
Model: 130

2.75" SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Lobital Pump

Stock Number: J185
Manufacturer: SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
Model: 2065HV

2" SPX pump with a Weg motor

-Serial number: 1000002995087

-2" inlet and outlet

-On a portable base that is 36" x 22"

-Weg motor: 3 PH, 575 V, 60 HZ, 3520 RPM, 18.6 A

-SMV ector VFD

-Last use was liquid soap

Stock Number: B1327

2" SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Lobital Pump

Stock Number: J315

3" SPX pump with Nord motor

-Pump model: 040 U1

-3" inlet and outlet 

-On a stationary stainless steel frame that is 40" x 17"

-Nord motor: 3 HP, 1765 RPM

Stock Number: J188

3" SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Lobital Pump

-Model: 060 U1

-On stainless steel stationary frame that is 39" x 22"

-Has guard

-3" inlet and outlet

-Motor: 3 PH, 1730 RPM, 575 V, 3 HP

Stock Number: B1344
Manufacturer: SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
Model: 130 U1 R1-0

3" SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Pump with Baldor Motor

-Serial number: 1000003082066

Stock Number: J182

3" SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell pump with Weg Motor

-Model number: 130U1

-Serial number: 1000002751092

-Weg Motor: 28AG013 10208S2545

-HP:7.5 (5.5)

-Volts: 575

-Hz: 60


Stock Number: C10602

4" Waukesha Pump

-Serial number: 90905

-Size: 220

-Sew-Eurodrive Motor

-Type: R92DV180L4

-Serial number: 80.18.043810/1

-Volts: 330/575


Stock Number: C10100
Manufacturer: GRACO
Model: 307843ZAT

Air-Powered Glutton Pump

-Max air input pressure is 100 PSI (0.7 MPa, 7bar)

-Max fluid working pressure 400 PSI (2.8 MPa, 28bar) 

-for thick or abrasive materials

Stock Number: J325

Alfa laval pump with electric inc motor

-On stationary stainless steel base

-1.5" inlet and outlet

-Comes with self lubricating system

-Motor: 2 HP, 230/460 V, 5.6/2.8 Amps

Stock Number: A126
Model: CL3507

Alsop pump with a Baldor motor

-3/4 HP

-115/208-203 V

-1725 RPM 

-60 HZ

-1 PH 

Stock Number: J317

Armstrong pump with lesson motor

-3" inlet and outlet

-Lesson motor: 115/230 V, 1725 RPM, 2 HP


Stock Number: A164

Baldor Farm Duty Pump and Motor

Baldor motor:

Stock Number: A162

Baldor Industrial Pump and Motor


Stock Number: B1541
Manufacturer: Barnes
Model: 2SEV5121

Barnes Submersible Pump


Stock Number: J423

Bell & Gossett pump and motor

-New, out of box

-Motor: model # SQA 56B17D116K

-HZ 60-50

-HP: 1-3/4

-Rpm: 1725-1425

-Volt: 115/208-230-110/220


Stock Number: B1310

Bucher Hydraulic Pack

Stock Number: J326

Burka pump with Baldor motor

-Motor: .5 HP, 3450 RPM, 115/230 V

-2" inlet

-1.5" outlet

Stock Number: B1043
Manufacturer: Burks Pumps

Condensate Return Pump

-Motor: 115/ 209-230V, 1/3 HP, 3450 RPM 

-has a float switch 


Stock Number: B1515

DOPAG Hydraulic Grease Pump

-Previously used for grease

Stock Number: J322

Duriron pump with a optim tefc motor

-On stationary steel base

-Motor: 7 HP, 575 V, 7.08 AMPS, 1755 RPM

-Has guard

-3.4" inlet 

-2" outlet

Stock Number: B1083

G and L Pump

-3" inlet

-2" outlet

-Base is 7.5" x 7"

-comes with covers for inlet and outlet

Stock Number: B1131
Manufacturer: G and L

G and L pump with a VP Electric motor

-VP Electric motor:575 V, 3 Phase, 3550 RPM, 13.4 AMPS, 15HP

-G and L pump: 15HP

-2" inlet and outlet

Stock Number: C10211

Garco Pump

-30" tall

-.5" inlet and outlet

-Mounting base is 9.5"

-4 in stock

Stock Number: A123

Gorman Rup pump with Watt saver motor

-Motor: 1780 RPM, 208-230/460 V, 40 HP, 102-92/46 Amps

-6" inport and outport

-2 in stock 


Stock Number: C10183

Goulds Pump With Franklin Electric Motor

-Motor: 1.5 HP, 3450 RPM, 208-230/460 V

-Pump: 1.25" outlet and 1.5" inlet

Stock Number: C10162

GR Submersible Ge watering Pump

-115 V

-2 HP

-1 Phase

-2" Outlet

-Stainless steel

Stock Number: J319

Grundfos dual pump system with VFD

-On stationary steel base

-Grundsfos pump and motor system

-Motor: 5 HP

-Has VFD connection

Stock Number: B1517
Manufacturer: Alliance Group Inc
Model: MAG3-9PVS (3X3)

In-Line Oiler

-Serial number: 11932

Stock Number: J201

Ingersoll pump with Baldor motor

-Ingersoll pump with 2" inport and 1" outport

-Baldor Motor with 5 HP, 575 V, 4.0 AMPS, 3450RPM

-Base is 20 1/4" in length by 12" in width.

Stock Number: J197

Ingersoll Pump with Weg Motor

-Ingersoll Pump with 2" inport and 1" outport

-Attached to a weg Motor with 3.0 (2.2) HP, 575 V, 3.91 AMPS, 1760 RPM

-Base measures at 12" x 36" 

Stock Number: B1559
Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand Aro

Ingersoll Rand Drum Pump

-Total length: 50”

Stock Number: B1041

Inline Pump

-Motor: 575V, 45.2 AMPS, 50HP

-Inlet and Outlet are 3.5”

-Mount 13.5” x 9.5”

Stock Number: A100
Manufacturer: KSB Pumps Inc.

KSB Submersible Pump

Volts: 460

RPM: 1765

HP: 15

Sub Max:100ft

new condition 

Stock Number: C10210

Ladish Co. Pump

-Base is 24" wide x 20" high x 16" deep  

-7.5 HP

-230/460 V

-3510 AMPS

-2" Inlet

-1.5" Outlet

Stock Number: B1516
Manufacturer: Alliance Group Inc
Model: MAG3-9PV

Maglube In-Line Oiler

-Serial number: 12255

Stock Number: C10061
Manufacturer: Cole
Model: 07583-50

Masterflex VP Peristaltic Pump Model 07583-50

-Explosion proof 

-Speed 0-430 RPM

-115 V

-Frequency 60 HZ

-4.7 AMPS 


Stock Number: J267

MP pumps on a Weg motor

-1" inport and outport

-115/208-230 V

-3/4 HP

-1760 RPM

Stock Number: B1105

Omac Pump With A Lapert Motor

-4" inlet and outlet

-Motor:575 V, 5.5 HP, 1750 RPM

-Base is 16" x 48"

Stock Number: B1125
Model: HEA90-3NL

Plenty mirrlees pump

-115 RPM

-120 PSI

-1819 USGPM

-Base is 12" x 12"

-Inlet is 7"

-Outlet is 4.5"

-Comes with metal caps

Stock Number: B1429
Manufacturer: Gast MFG. Corp
Model: 6AM-NRV-22A

Pneumatic Pump


Stock Number: J199

pump with max motion motor

-Pump attached to a max motion motor: 7.5 HP, 575 V, 1750 RPM 

-12" by 41" base.

-3" inlet and outlet 

Stock Number: J300

Pump with max motion motors

-Motor: 50 HP, 575 V, 1780 RPM

-6" inlet

-4" outlet

Stock Number: C10220

R and M Moyno Pump With Leeson Motor

-Motor: 1740 RPM, 575 V, 1.5/1.2 HP

-On wheels

-3" inlet and outlet

Stock Number: A128

Rotary vacuum pump

-Hitachi motor: 400 V, 4.4 AMPS

-2" and 1" inlets

-1" and 1.5" outlets

Stock Number: B1296

SPX Waukesha 2 Series Pump Model 006 U2

-SPX Model: 006 U2

-Serial number: 1000003234369


-Volts: 330/575

-Amps: 5.80/3.35

-RPM: 1765/413


Stock Number: B1270

SS CIP Pump on SS Cart

-Volts: 220

-Hz: 60

-Amps: 8.9

-RPM: 1630

-1.5" Inlet and outlet

Stock Number: A171
Manufacturer: Barnes
Model: 3SE 2094

Submersible Pump


Stock Number: J183

Tri-clover rotary pump

-Mount is 44" x 12"

-E plus motor: 3-60 HZ, 0.001-7.5 HP, 88-1800 RPM, 575 V, 7.08 AMPS

-Has bulletin pressure control

-Inlet and outlet at 2"

-Comes with…

Stock Number: J184

Tri-clover rotary pump with a Brook Crompton Parkinson LTD Motor

-Has a Uniguard Machine guard

-Brook Compton Parkinson LTD : 3 HP, 720 RPM, 5/5 V, 3-5 A, 3 PH

-3" inlet and outlet

-The mounted base is 35" x 29"

-The guards…

Stock Number: B1205

Two Gorman Rupp 3" Pumps

-3" pumps

-Electric driven

-With backup Neesan engine that runs on natural gas


Stock Number: B1495
Manufacturer: UL
Model: U031-281TT

UL Electromagnetic Dosing Pump

-Max GPD: 24

-PSI: 80

-50/60 HZ

-1.40 A

-Shipping dimensions: 8" length x 9" tall x 5.5" wide 

-2 in stock

Stock Number: B1558
Manufacturer: Tuthill
Model: A015-P-C-V

Vacuum Pump


Stock Number: B1555

Stock Number: J323

Worthington pump with a weg motor

-On steel stationary base

-2.5" inlet

-2" outlet

-Motor: 575 V, 4.88  AMPS, 5 HP, 3 PH