Stock Number: C10020
Manufacturer: ACORN

Acorn Stainless Steel Wash Basin - 4 station

  • 38" wide x 32" front to back
  • 32" height from floor
  • 45" overall height of unit
  • 4 station foot bottons
  • 4 wash nozzles
  • semi circular design
  • Manufactured by Acorn Engineering
  • LAST…

Stock Number: C10105

Lab Table

-30" Deep

-48" wide


-Steel shelf 22" below table top


Stock Number: C10055

Long Stainless Steel Table

-With pull out drawers 

Stock Number: C10072

Portable Stainless Steel Table

-Large Back to Table

-Working surface is 36”x25”

-Height from ground to working surface is 40”

-Height overall is 52”

-Has locking wheels

Stock Number: B1045

Shipping Desk

-Comes with keys 

Stock Number: B1093

Sink Sanitary Foot Valve

-(2) 1/2" NPT Female inlet

-2-9/16" centers

-1/2" NPT outlet to rear

-Brand new in box

-5.5" x 2" base

Stock Number: C10153

Small Lab Table

-5 drawers

Stock Number: J391

Stainless steel one tap sink

-Stainless steel

-Over all dimensions 11" wide x 27" length x 45" tall

-Sink dimensions: 18" wide x 21" length x 13" deep

-21" tall legs

-Drain has guard…

Stock Number: C9367

Stainless Steel Shippers Table

  • 51" wide x 24" deep x 39" high
  • lower table 28" x 24", c/w slide out drawer
  • higher table 24" x 24"
  • (2) slide out drawers
  • (1) open shelf, c/w (8) slots for files, etc

Stock Number: J316

Stainless steel sink

-Stainless Steel

-Sink dimensions: 24" x 24" x 24"

-Legs are 16" tall

Stock Number: C10054

Stainless Steel Table

Stock Number: C10053

Stainless Steel Table with drawer