Stock Number: 9300
Manufacturer: ULTRAFLO
Model: 10-390-206

Ultraflo 316 SS Butterfly Valves - 10"

  • Model 10-390-206
  • c/w ABZ actuator
  • Model DA-145
  • 3 IN STOCK

Stock Number: C9301
Manufacturer: ULTRAFLO
Model: 4-390-206-WLC

Ultraflo 316 SS Butterfly Valves - 4"

  • Model 4-390-206-WLC
  • c/w ABZ actuator
  • Model 88 DA
  • 2 IN STOCK

Stock Number: C10581

Robo Valve 4 Way Pneumatic Diverter

-4 way diverter valve

-2.5" inlets and outlets

-9 in stock

Stock Number: C10555

SS Sharpe valve and pneumatic actuator

Serial # 01068099

-3" inlet and outlet

-Max 145 psi


Stock Number: C10540

SS Sharpe Valve with Bettis Pneumatic Actuator

-Max OP Pressure: 120 psi

-4" inlet & outlet

-15 in stock

Stock Number: C10556

SS Sharpe Valve with pneumatic actuator

 -3" inlet and outlet

-Max 142 psi

-2 in stock

Stock Number: C10565

SS Valve and a Valbia Pneumatic Actuator

-1" inlet and outlet

Stock Number: C10564

SS Valve with a Valbia Pneumatic Actuator

-2" inlet and outlet

-Inline valve monitor

Stock Number: J412

SS Valve with Sonic Torque Pneumatic Actuator

-Max 145 psi

-1" inlet and outlet


Stock Number: J410

SS Valve with Triac Pneumatic Actuator

-Limit switch box

-Mechanical switches 2 SPDT

-2" 3 way BV


Stock Number: J411

SS Valve with Valbia Pneumatic Actuator

-Model # FMYB-5120

-Corrosion resistant

-Has switch box

-2" inlet and outlet

-1000 psi

Stock Number: B1330

Manual Knife Gate Valve


Stock Number: C10163

Air Lock With Hydro-Mec Gear Reducer And SA Motor

-Motor: 575 V, 1.5 HP, 3 Phase, 1740 RPM

-Inlet is 7.5" x 7.5"

-Outlet is 4"

Stock Number: B1068

Rotary Valve With Rexnord Gear Reducer And Brook Crampton Motor

-Brooks motor: 575 V, 2 HP

-Input and output are 12" x 12"

Stock Number: B1191

Zeplin air lock

-266/460 V

-1.59/0.92 AMPS

-1700/9.6 RPM

-2 in stock 

Stock Number: B1341

2" Double Block and Bleed Valve

-Flange connections

Stock Number: B1339

3" Double Block and Bleed Valves

-Flange connections

Stock Number: C10336

3" MAC 30PT45 Diverter Valve

-3" flang ports

-Air actuated


Stock Number: J281
Model: 19MHGA060

Apollo valves

-Model: 19MHGA060

-Size 1 1/2"

-Set 60

-Cap 2999-DT 20 33

Stock Number: C10353

C.F.F. Stainless Steel INC. Ball Valve

-Tri-clamp inlet and outlet are 2" and comes with cover

-Model: 100 N 

-2 in stock 

Stock Number: B1134

Consolidated Pressure relief valve

-Size of inlet and outlet: 2" x 2.5"

-Model number: 15431-121

-40 PSIG

Stock Number: B1133
Model: 2856-PKD

Farris Engineering Pressure relief valve

-40 PSIG

-1079 SCFM air

-Size and orifice: 2x3


Stock Number: B1167

Logix 500MD Actuated control valve

-Actuator type is 127A-35 psi

-Air supply min/max is 60/90 psi

-Spring rang 15-35 psi

-6 in stock

-valve is 1"

Stock Number: C9302
Manufacturer: SHARPE
Model: 3-66

Sharpe 316 L Sanitary Ball Valves - 3"

  • Model 3-66
  • 3" tri clamp ports
  • Body-6, Trim-6, Seat-3, CWP-720
  • Max temp - 450 F
  • Sonic Torque Actuator
  • Model SPN-145
  • 2 IN STOCK

Stock Number: B1081

Siemens Flow Write Hydraulic Valve

-Description Flowrite Electro

-Hydraulic Actuator, 24 vac, 0 to 10 vdc or 4 to 20 ma Proportional Control

-Spring Return

-3/4-inch Stroke

-1.5" inlet and outlet…