Stock Number: B1641

0.33 HP Clamp-on Agitator


Stock Number: C9296
Manufacturer: BRAUN Mixer Inc
Model: LD33

Braun Clamp on Mixer - 1 hp

Braun Mixer: 

-Serial number: 991029

-Needs a 0.625" diameter shaft 

Leeson Motor:

-Model: C6T17FC8E

-HP: 1

-Volt: 575

-RPM: 1725

-Hz: 60

-Phase 3


Stock Number: C10657
Manufacturer: BRAUN Mixer Inc
Model: SG33TC

Braun Clamp On Mixer- 1/3 HP


Stock Number: B1802

Brawn mixer LD33

-Model # : LD33
-Serial # : 120021
-Volts: 115/208-230
-Hp: .33
-Rpm: 1725
-Shaft size: 5/8

Stock Number: B1476
Manufacturer: Lightnin

Clamp On Lightnin Mixer


Stock Number: C10661

Clamp on Mixer with Weg Motor

-0.750" shaft diameter needed

Stock Number: C10651
Manufacturer: Hayward Gordon Mixers
Model: DC-12

Hayward Gordon Clamp On Mixer


Stock Number: B1640
Manufacturer: IPTS. Inc.
Model: RPO 1

IPTS Clamp-On Agitator


Stock Number: B1752

LIghnin lab mixer

-Model 809020psp

-Clamp on

Stock Number: C10658
Manufacturer: Lightnin Mixers
Model: XD-30

Lightnin 0.30 HP Clamp On Mixer


Stock Number: B1645
Manufacturer: Lightnin Mixers
Model: EV5P33M

Lightnin 0.33 HP Clamp-On Mixer

Stock Number: C10652
Manufacturer: Lightnin

Lightnin Batch Clamp On Mixer


Stock Number: C10654
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: EV1P25

Lightnin Clamp On Agitator


Stock Number: C10664
Manufacturer: Lightnin

Lightnin Clamp On Mixer with Shaft

Stock Number: B1652
Manufacturer: Lightnin Mixers

Lightnin Mixer

-IDENT NO: 809018 PSP

Stock Number: C10666
Manufacturer: Lightnin Mixers

Lightnin Mixer with Electric Motor for Hazardous Locations


Stock Number: B1891

Mixer on a stainless steel tank

-Nord Motor: 230/460v, 3 phase, 0.5 HP
-Shaft is .625” diameter by 28-3/4” long
-Variable frequency Drive: 500-600 V, 1HP model number ODP-2-26010-3H04A-MN
-1-1/2” inlet 
-1-1/2” outlet

Stock Number: C10656
Manufacturer: Neptune Mixer Co.
Model: JG-3.1

Neptune Side Mount Mixer

-0.750" shaft diameter needed

Stock Number: B1642
Manufacturer: Nettco
Model: NSPG-100

Nettco 0.33 HP Clamp-on Mixer


Stock Number: B1643
Manufacturer: Nettco
Model: NSPO-033

Nettco Agitator


Stock Number: B1639
Manufacturer: Nettco
Model: NSPG-050

Nettco Clip-on Agitator


Stock Number: B1428

Pneumatic Clip-on Mixer

-Clip on

Stock Number: C10653
Manufacturer: Greey Mixing Equipment Limited
Model: ARL

Pneumatic Lightnin Clamp On Mixer

-0.3125" Shaft

Stock Number: J284
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: M15P9

Pneumatic Lightnin Mixer

-SN: 2792037

-Clamp on

Stock Number: C10659
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: ND-2A

Lightnin Mixer


Stock Number: C10655
Manufacturer: Lightnin

Lightnin Side Mount Agitator- 3.5 HP

-0.875" shaft diameter needed

Stock Number: C10660
Manufacturer: Lightnin

Lightnin Side Mount Mixer

-0.500" diameter shaft needed

-Phase 1

-Missing face plate 

Stock Number: C10670
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: XL0100H

1 HP Lightnin Top Mount Agitator

-Serial number: P0322283901

Stock Number: C10667
Manufacturer: Chemineer Agitator
Model: VLA-5

Bolt on Agitator with SS Shaft & 2 Props

Stock Number: B1475
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: NBO014FCH

Bolt On Lightnin Mixer


Stock Number: C10122

Chemineer Agitator With Westinghouse Motor

-The agitator: model is 24ID-3 with 1750 RPM…

Stock Number: C10671
Model: VMB-20

Chemineer Top Mount Agitator


Stock Number: C10121

Cheminner Agitator

-Model: 2 HTD-1.5

-Mixer: 1.5 HP, 1150 RPM

-Mount is 10" x 16"

-Ainsworth motor: 1.5 HP, 575 V, 1150 RPM

Stock Number: C10004
Manufacturer: Lightnin / Greey Mixing
Model: ID# B76R4560M-YN

Grey MIxing/ lightnin Mixer

Volt: 575

RPM: 1725

AMPS: 1.65

PH: 3

HP: 1


Stock Number: B1630
Manufacturer: Lightnin Mixers

Lightnin Bolt On Agitator


Stock Number: C10663
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: N1 DG-200V

Lightnin Bolt On Mixer

-0.875" shaft diameter needed…

Stock Number: C10012
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: V5Q75

Lightnin Mixer


Volt: 230/460

Phase: 3 

RPM: 1725 



FR: L56C



Stock Number: C10010
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: N33G-33

Lightnin Mixer

Stock Number: C10008
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: NLD-25

Lightnin Mixer - Top Mount- NLD-25

Volt: 110/220

Phase: 1

RPM: 1725

AMPS: 5/2.5 

HP: 1/4 

Frame: R1451

Stock Number: C10005
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: 5K182FK2126

Lightnin Mixer 5K182FK2126

Volt: 230/460

Phase: 3

RPM: 1765

HP: 1

AMPS: 3.4/1.7

FR: 182TY 

Stock Number: C10002
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: g

Lightnin Mixer C10002

Volt: 115/250

PH: 1


AMPS: 7.6/3.8

HP: .43


Stock Number: C10003
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: FV6650

Lightnin Mixer FV6650

Volt: 575

PH: 3

RPM: 1725

HP: 1/2

AMPS: .9


Stock Number: C10009
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: NLD-25

Lightnin Mixer NLD-25

Volt: 110/220

Phase: 1

RPM: 1725

HP: 1/4

AMPS: 5/2.5



Stock Number: C10001
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: NLDG-33

Lightnin Mixer NLDG-33

Volt: 115

RPM: 1725

AMPS: 6.6

PH: 1

HP: 1/3


Stock Number: C10013
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: NLDG-75

Lightnin Mixer NLDG-75

Volts: 230/460

Phase: 3

RPM: 1725

HP: 1

AMPS: 4.4/2.2

FR: L56C

Stock Number: B1803

lightnin mixer with Lesson VFD

-Shipping dimensions: Length 65” x Width 48” x Height 24”
-Model: X5P25
-Leeson Washguard adjustable speed AC motor control: 400.480V, 3 phase, 6.6/5.7 Amps 3 HP
-Mixer: .25 HP, 208-230/460 volts, 1.2-1.1/.55Amps,…

Stock Number: C10007
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: X J0117

Lightnin Mixer X J0117

Volt: Hi V: 460/400 Lo V:230/200

Phase: 3 

RPM: 1725/1425


Stock Number: C10000
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: XDQ-43

Lightnin Mixer XDQ-43

Volt: 575-550

PH: 3

RPM: 1725-1425

HP: .43

Stock Number: C10669
Manufacturer: Lightnin Mixers
Model: B77R3098M-WT

Lightnin Top Mount Agitator


Stock Number: C10672
Manufacturer: Lightnin
Model: NLDG-150

Lightnin Top Mount Mixer

-Serial number:…

Stock Number: C10101
Manufacturer: LIGHTNIN'
Model: XJ350

Lightnin' Top Mount Agitators - 3.5 hp

  • Model XJ350
  • 3.5 hp, 230/460 volt
  • 350 rpm
  • 1 1/2" mix shaft
  • inverter ready
  • SS shaft & prop available
  • 3 IN STOCK
  • AS NEW

Stock Number: C10006
Manufacturer: Sterling
Model: SBY054MCH

Sterling Mixer

Volts: 575

RPM: 1730


Frame: 56C

AMPS: 0.70

Stock Number: C10668
Manufacturer: Hawker Siddeley Electric Motors
Model: P0G-34

Top Mount Agitator


Stock Number: B1918

Arrow Engineering mixer 1200

-Model: 1200
-Arrow Engineering 
-1.5 Amps
-120 Volts
-60 Hz 
-Serial: OL1800300
-Shipping dimensions: Width 19 3/4" x Height 29" x Length 16"

Stock Number: B1924

Arrow engineering model A mixer

-Shipping dimensions: Height 18" x Width 12" x Length 3"
-Shipping weigh 5 LBS
-HP 1/3
-Batch size water 20 Liters
-light duty 
-10,000 RPM max
-3/8" Motor shaft diameter

Stock Number: B1753

Fisher scientific overhead stirrer

-Model FSR3000 20-3000 rpm


-Works tested ok

-Shipping dimensions 14”x 12” x 4”

Stock Number: B1653
Manufacturer: Graco

Graco Twistork Helix Tote Mixer

-NPT hook up: 3/4”

Stock Number: B1833

Tonson air mixer

-Shaft is 5/8” diameter and roughly 36” long
-Tons on air mixer
-Shipping dimensions: 50” length x 17” width x 10” height
-1.71 HP
-Rotary vane power technology