Stock Number: J240
Model: S12Q-GOLD

Sterlight ultraviolet disinfection system

-Stainless steel base is 20" deep x 37" wide x 30" tall

-Model: S12Q-GOLD

-Has a Goulding pumps and Emerson motor: 1 HP

-Legs are stationary

Stock Number: C10062
Manufacturer: Aquafina
Model: AQUALOGIC 2000

T.O.C Reduction Unit

-The Aqualogic 2000™ is a microprocessor-based system.

-Consists of two printed circuits boards; the Current Sensing Board (CSB) and the Status Display Board (SDB)

-The system monitors Lamp Status, UV Intensity, Low UV Alarm Point,…

Stock Number: C10065
Model: CSL-4R TOC

T.O.C Reduction Unit CSL-4R TOC

-120 V

-1.9 AMPS

-60 Hertz 

-Running time 47733

Stock Number: C10064

Ultra Violet Disinfection Lamp

-4" tri clamp included 

-Single Ultra violet lamp 

-Tank immersion with tri-connection

-replacement UV bulb 1276-125


Stock Number: C10067
Model: CSL-12R DE03

Ultra Violet Disinfection Unit


-6.5 AMPS

-60 Herts 

-Two in stock 

-U.S Filter running time :23439.13

-Aquafine running time: 11634


Stock Number: c10066
Model: CSL-4R

Ultra Violet Disinfection Unit CSL-4R



-60 Hertz 

-Two in Stock 

-Culigan running time: 37838

-Auqafine running time: 29844 

Stock Number: A119

Filter cavity

-Stainless steel

-On four legs

-4" flange at bottom

-3" tri clamp on the top

-Top is bolted down

-309 PSIG

Stock Number: C9334
Manufacturer: OLLARI & CONTI
Model: M1CAF-150

Ollari & Conti Sanitary SS Drum Filter

  • Model M1CAF-150
  • used for liquid/solids separation
  • 0.25 MM screen
  • 8' wide x 7'6" long x 8' high
  • 600 Imperial Gallons SS Reservoir Tank
  • complete controls

Stock Number: J244

Stationary Filter Cavity

-On a stationary steel base that is 27" x 23"

-Inport and outport are 2"