Stock Number: B1110

100 Pro Filtration Filters


-100 in box

-1 box available 


Stock Number: B1373
Manufacturer: Fil-Trek SL Series Bag Filter
Model: S6SL111-2P-CD-150

2" Fil-Trek Bag Filter Housing Unit

-Serial number: V11021-1

-Inlet and outlet: 2"

-316 stainless-steel

Housing dimensions:

-Diameter: 8.5"

-Depth: 25"

-Rated: 150/FV psi at 150 to 400 degrees F


-2 in stock

Stock Number: B1997
Model: FSSB-040404S4NR2

Filtra Bag Filter

-Shipping Dimensions: Height 63" x Width 36" x Length 33 1/2"
-Input flange diameter 9"
-Output flange diameter 9"
-Max pressure 150 PSIG
-Max temp 194F
-462 Lbs dry weight

Stock Number: B1996
Model: FSSB-040404S4NR2

Stainless Multi Bag Filtra Filter

-Shipping Dimensions: Height 63" x Width 36" x Length 33 1/2"
-Input flange diameter 9"
-Output flange diameter 9"
-Max pressure 150 PSIG
-Max temp 194F
-462 Lbs dry weight

Stock Number: J240
Model: S12Q-GOLD

Sterlight ultraviolet disinfection system

-Stainless steel base is 20" deep x 37" wide x 30" tall

-Model: S12Q-GOLD

-Has a Goulding pumps and Emerson motor: 1 HP

-Legs are stationary

Stock Number: C10062
Manufacturer: Aquafina
Model: AQUALOGIC 2000

T.O.C Reduction Unit

-The Aqualogic 2000™ is a microprocessor-based system.

-Consists of two printed circuits boards; the Current Sensing Board (CSB) and the Status Display Board (SDB)

-The system monitors Lamp Status, UV Intensity, Low UV Alarm Point,…

Stock Number: C10065
Model: CSL-4R TOC

T.O.C Reduction Unit CSL-4R TOC

-120 V

-1.9 AMPS

-60 Hertz 

-Running time 47733

Stock Number: C10064

Ultra Violet Disinfection Lamp

-4" tri clamp included 

-Single Ultra violet lamp 

-Tank immersion with tri-connection

-replacement UV bulb 1276-125


Stock Number: C10067
Model: CSL-12R DE03

Ultra Violet Disinfection Unit


-6.5 AMPS

-60 Herts 

-Two in stock 

-U.S Filter running time :23439.13

-Aquafine running time: 11634


Stock Number: c10066
Model: CSL-4R

Ultra Violet Disinfection Unit CSL-4R



-60 Hertz 

-Two in Stock 

-Culigan running time: 37838

-Auqafine running time: 29844 

Stock Number: B1380
Manufacturer: Rosedale Products Inc.
Model: 4802GP150AL2AVCL-3.OP-B

3 " Aluminum Body Bag Filter Cavity

Stock Number: B1197

Fil-trek filtration system

-MAWP: 150 PSI @ 400 F

-MDMT: -50 F @ 150 PSI

-Model: S6SLDV211-2P-V1-150

-Inlet and outlet: 2"

-On stationary legs

Stock Number: B1817

Rosedale stainless steel filter

-Shipping dimensions: 18”length x 14” width x 48” height
-2” NPT inlet and outlets
-Model number: NC08-30-2P-*-150-S-V-PB
-Pressure rating: 150 PSIG
-2 in stock

Stock Number: B1848

Ross Filter screen

-Height 26-7/16”
-ID - 6-3/8”
-OD - 6-9/16”
-OD of flange - 7-3/16”
-Qty 5 in total

Stock Number: B1514
Manufacturer: Shelco Filters
Model: BFS-4C-1.5

Small Stainless-steel Filter


Stock Number: B1431
Manufacturer: R-Can Advanced Water Products

Cartridge Filter Cavity

-Max. pressure: 150 PSI (10.3 bar)

Stock Number: B1261

Zenit Plat Filtration

-Shipping dimensions: Height 32” x Length 53” x Width 24”
-The plates are 15”x15” and 5/8 thick
-Inlets and outlet ports are 1” 
-Type: V4030
-Nn: 52003 
-Baijahr: 1974

Stock Number: B1954
Model: P32FB93EGAN

3/8" Npt filter P32FB93EGAN

-Shipping dimensions: Width 2 1/2" x Height 7 1/2" x Length 2 1/2"
-Max Pressure: 10.3 bar (1.00 MPa) (150 psi)
-Max temperature: 52 c (120f) 

Stock Number: B1097

50 3M Filters


-50 in a box

-6 boxes in stock 


Stock Number: B1293

Bepex PureAir Filtration System

-Model: DS-100 

-Serial Number: S2018-055-002

-Filtration system used for vapors, gases and odors 

-Airflow: 100 CFM

-5 boxes of Pure Air Filtration CPS Blend (carbon blend)


Stock Number: J107

Box of Green Plate Filters

-Twelve 16x20x2 sized filters in the box

-Many different sizes of filters available as well 

-Inquire about other sized filters 


Stock Number: B1875

Donaldson air Filter Unit DWS4

-Shipping: 54” length x 50” width x 102” height
-Electrical: 208/230/460/60/3
-Motor HP: 5HP
-Filter part number: P191920-016-910
-Model: Dws4

Stock Number: B1874

Donaldson air Filter Unit DWS4 5 HP

-Shipping: 59” length x 50” width x 102” height
-Electrical: 208/203/460/60/3
-Motor HP: 5 HP
-Filter part number: P191920-016-910
-Model: DWS4

Stock Number: B1873

Donaldson air Filter Unit DWS6

-Shipping: 54” length x 50” width x 102” height
-Model: Dws6 
-208-460/60/3 Volts 
-Filter part number: P191889

Stock Number: B1876

Donaldson air Filter Unit DWS6 7.5 HP

-Shipping: 54” length x 50” width x 102” height
-Electrical: 208-460/60/3
-Motor HP: 7.5 HP
-Filter part number: P191889
-Model: Dws6

Stock Number: B1572
Manufacturer: Aerostar

FP Mini-Pleat Filter

-Filter Size: 24x24x12…

Stock Number: B2031
Manufacturer: Labconco

Labconco Air Filter

-Shipping dimensions: Height 9 1/2" x Width 12 1/2" x Length 29"
-Serial number: 66100
-116 Volts
-PH 1
-Cycle: 50/60
-16 AMP

Stock Number: C9334
Manufacturer: OLLARI & CONTI
Model: M1CAF-150

Ollari & Conti Sanitary SS Drum Filter

  • Model M1CAF-150
  • used for liquid/solids separation
  • 0.25 MM screen
  • 8' wide x 7'6" long x 8' high
  • 600 Imperial Gallons SS Reservoir Tank
  • complete controls

Stock Number: B1432
Manufacturer: GAF Filter Systems
Model: RBXAL

Small Filter Cavity

-Serial number: 1829

Stock Number: B1502
Manufacturer: Filmax
Model: LT105-B1

Water and Particulate filtration system

-230/460 Volts

-3 PH
-2/1 Amps
-1725 RPM
-Dimensions: 48" Length x 40" Width x 36" Height
-2 in stock