Stock Number: B1353
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Model: M6-MFM

Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger with a Grundfos Pump

Stock Number: B1033

Flat Plate Heat Exchangers

-Max Design pres 450 PSI (31 Bar) 

-Max Design Temp 350 F (177 C) 


-Height: 6" 

-Width: 9.5" 

-Length: 20" 

-Horizontal center to center on the pipes: 7"

-Veritcal center to center…

Stock Number: B1511
Manufacturer: Paul Mueller Company
Model: AT40 LF-80

Mueller Plate Heat Exchanger

Stock Number: B1574
Manufacturer: SWEP

SWEP Plate Heat Exchanger

Stock Number: J293
Model: TA6-MFG

Alfa laval heat exchanger

-On steel base

-Model TA6-MFG

-3" inlet and outlets

Stock Number: A125

Alfa Laval Inc. Heat exchanger

-Max PSI 50

Stock Number: A104
Manufacturer: Ruffneck
Model: FR1-16-A1A1-1A

Fan-Cooled Heat Exchanger Unit (NEW)

-Maximum operating pressure 100PSI  (690KPa)

-Maximum operating temperature 572F  (300C)

-16” fan

-Cabinet is made from Epoxy powder coated carbon steel

-Painted with heat resistant aluminum paint

-Motor: 115V,…

Stock Number: B1129

Thermal Transfer Cooler

-Brand new in box

-Maximum air pressure of 250 PSI and temperature of 350 F

-Modle number is AA Series

-In wood crate

-Two in stock