Stock Number: C10069
Manufacturer: Coulter
3 Imperial gallons
4 U.S. Gallons
14 Liters

Coulter Kettle

-Crank tilting mechanism

-Stainless steel pot


Stock Number: C10068
4 Imperial gallons
5 U.S. Gallons
18 Liters

Cleveland Kettle

-Electric steam

-Tilting axes

-Large pouring lip for high capacity and chunky products

Stock Number: C10070
Manufacturer: Groen
12 Imperial gallons
14 U.S. Gallons
54 Liters

Groen Kettle


-Manual gear dump

-Stationary on axes with three legs

-Pouring spout

Stock Number: C10071
16 Imperial gallons
19 U.S. Gallons
73 Liters

Coulter Stationary Kettle

-On axes with a manual dump


-Stationary (2 legs)

-Small pouring spout

Stock Number: C10042
Manufacturer: Coulter
19 Imperial gallons
23 U.S. Gallons
86 Liters

Stationary Kettle on Axes

-Pour spout

-Stainless steel

-Open top


-15" from the bottom of the tank to the ground


-Jacketed heated bottom

-Manual gear dump

Stock Number: C9421
35 Imperial gallons
42 U.S. Gallons
159 Liters

SS Hemispherical Kettle - 35 Imperial Galons

  • 24" dia x 20" deep
  • jacketed @ 15 psi
  • insulated & SS clad
  • side mount plate for agitator
  • removable top cover
  • mounted on portable frame
  • 1.5" drain c/w valve

Stock Number: C10041
42 Imperial gallons
50 U.S. Gallons
191 Liters

Stainless Steel Open Top Tank On Wheels

-Portable with push handle

-Dome bottom

-Comes with lid

-37" over all in height

-Full jacket

-304 stainless steel

-With a heater: 1.5KW, 208V 1Phase 

Stock Number: C10039
69 Imperial gallons
83 U.S. Gallons
313 Liters

Kettle on Wheels

-Dome Bottom

–Lid with handle


-25.5”from the bottom of tank to the ground

-51”overall height

–Bottom drain spout  

Stock Number: C9292
Manufacturer: GROEN
Model: TDB-1-20qt

GROEN Electric Tilt Kettle - 5 USG

  • Model TDB-1-20 qt
  • 50 psi @ 290 F
  • 208 volt, 3 phase
  • 6.3 kw
  • CRN-B4009.5