Stock Number: B1899

Beckman Coulter Multisizer 4

-Multi-channel analyzer
-With state-of-the-art Digital Pulse Processing (DPP) technology
-Provides both particle sizing and counting within an overall size range of 0.4 µm to 1600 µm. 
-Data acquired using proprietary…

Stock Number: B1981

Best valve vac Rotary Evaporator B-1020

-Shipping dimensions: Height 79" x Width 24" x Length 46"
-Inner bowl diameter: 17 1/2"
-Model: B-1020
-Single phase 240v/60Hz/60W
-Rotation range: 0-120 rpm

Stock Number: B1979

Cabelas 26 tray dehydrator 541650.1

-Shipping dimensions: Height 37 1/2" x Width 23" x Length 23"
-160 L Digital Dehydrator 
-Model: 541650.1 
-Rating: 120V 60Hz 1600W 

Stock Number: B1977

Cold trap glass assembly with stand

-Shipping dimensions: Height 36 1/2" x Width 12" x Length 14"
-Mounted on steel base

Stock Number: B1983

Filter in small tank

-Shipping dimensions: Height 42" x Width 22" x Length 25"

Stock Number: B1978

Rotary evaporator R1005

-Power 2000W
-Power Voltage 110V 50/60Hz
-Speed range 20-100 rpm 
-Shipping dimensions: Height 43" x Width 21" x Length 36"
-One of the glass pieces are broken

Stock Number: B1908

Thermo scientific kiln FB1415M

-Shipping dimensions: Width 10 1/2" x Height 16" x Length 16"
-Model: FB1415M
-120 Volts
-12.0 Amps
-1450 Watts 
-50/60 Hz
-Phase 1 

Stock Number: B1984

Tumbler with variable controls

-Shipping dimensions: Height 35 1/2" x Width 20" x Length 27"