Stock Number: C9497
4 Imperial gallons
4 U.S. Gallons
16 Liters

Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks - 3.5 Imperial Gallons

-6" dia x 34" long

-3.5 Imperial Gallons MAWP

-300 psi @ 250 F MDMT -

-20 @ 300 psi INDX TECH CANADA CRN

- OHO 2832.6 side mounted sight glass


Stock Number: C10116
15 Imperial gallons
18 U.S. Gallons
68 Liters

Stainless Steel Standing Tank

- Stationary

- Flat bottom

-With half closing lid

- Legs are 30"

-51" tall

-Stainless steel 

Stock Number: A131
15 Imperial gallons
18 U.S. Gallons
68 Liters

Stainless steel tank on three legs

-On three stationary legs that are 21" tall

-Tank dimensions are 16.5 diameter x 19" tall

-Nipple at the bottom on the side is 1" diameter

-Open top

-Flat bottom

Stock Number: C10075
31 Imperial gallons
37 U.S. Gallons
141 Liters

Small Stainless-Steel Tank with Full Lid

-Lid has handle for easy removal

-Stationary (three legs)

-Stainless Steel


-Diameter: 38" with the lid, 37" without the lid on

-Height from the ground to top of the lid: 42"

-Height from ground…

Stock Number: C10647
37 Imperial gallons
44 U.S. Gallons
168 Liters

SS tank on legs with mixer motor on the bottom

-Tank dimensions:23" height x 24" wide. Overall height 44". 4 legs are 22" tall

-Off spout side of bottom is 2.5" diameter

-Open too with lid

-Dome bottom

Stock Number: B1142
44 Imperial gallons
53 U.S. Gallons
200 Liters

Stainless-Steel Jacketed Mixing Tank

-Closed top


-Man hole has sight glass

-False bottom tank

-On 11.5" legs

-Dome bottom

-Katt motor: 230/400…

Stock Number: B1266
45 Imperial gallons
54 U.S. Gallons
206 Liters

Jacketed Sanitary Stainless Steel Reservoir/ Tank

-Domed bottom

-On 4 legs with wheels

-2 temp gages, 1 for inside the tank, the other for inside the jacket

-Total height with legs: 55"

-Height of tank: 22"


Stock Number: C10040
49 Imperial gallons
59 U.S. Gallons
222 Liters

Small Stainless Steel Open Top Tank


-Open top

-316 Stainless steel

-17” from the bottom of the tank to the ground

-45” overall

-27" diameter 

Stock Number: C10445
58 Imperial gallons
69 U.S. Gallons
263 Liters

Stainless-steel Tank

-Height: 37"

-Diameter: 23.5"

-Domed bottom

-Outlet: 4"

-Stainless steel

-On legs

-Height of tank with legs: 53"

-1 in stock

Stock Number: C10345
78 Imperial gallons
94 U.S. Gallons
354 Liters

Open top fiberglass tank

-4 stationary legs

-Dome bottom

-Open top


-Steel frame


Stock Number: C10094
78 Imperial gallons
94 U.S. Gallons
354 Liters

Tank on Legs

-3 Legs and stationary

-Open top

-34" from the ground to the bottom of the tank

-Tank dimentions: 24.5" diameter x 48" tall

-83" overall height 


Stock Number: C10118
78 Imperial gallons
94 U.S. Gallons
354 Liters

White Plastic Tank

-Dome false bottom: overall hight of the tank is 49 " and the depth of the tank is 33"

-Open top with lid 

-3 in stock 

Stock Number: B1048
89 Imperial gallons
107 U.S. Gallons
405 Liters

Closed top tank

-Closed top with manhole cover

-30" diameter x 35" deep 

-55” total height

-13” legs

-Mixer blade on the inside, no motor

Stock Number: A129
100 Imperial gallons
120 U.S. Gallons
454 Liters

100 Imperial gallon Stainless steel jacketed mixing tank

-40" tall x 31" diameter

-Jacketed stainless steel

-Lightnin mixer on top

-Max 50 PSI at 350

-3 legs 16"

-Manhole top

Stock Number: A130
100 Imperial gallons
120 U.S. Gallons
454 Liters

100 Imperial gallon Stainless steel mixing tank

-Man hole on top

-Tank dimensions: 34" tall x 34" diameter

-John vissers Corp pneumatic mixer

-4, 17" legs

-2" valve at bottom


Stock Number: B1199
100 Imperial gallons
120 U.S. Gallons
454 Liters

Stainless steel tank on 4 legs

-Brushed polished finishe on the stainless steel

-Dome bottom and top

-Manhole on side at the bottom

-Flange at bottom is 2"

-Two flange on top both are 2"…

Stock Number: B1143
120 Imperial gallons
144 U.S. Gallons
545 Liters

false bottom stainless steel tank

-closed top with manhole

-man hole has sight glass

-false bottom tank

-on 11.5" legs

-dome bottom

-Katt motor: 230/400 V

Stock Number: B1283
Manufacturer: Falcon
121 Imperial gallons
146 U.S. Gallons
551 Liters

Insulated Stainless Steel Tank with Two Direct Immersion Heaters

Stock Number: C10363
125 Imperial gallons
150 U.S. Gallons
568 Liters

125 imperial gallons open top plastic tank

-Nipple on bottom is 1/2"

-Open top

-Nipple on side is .5"

-31" diameter

-43.5" height


Stock Number: B1370
128 Imperial gallons
154 U.S. Gallons
583 Liters

Stainless-Steel Storage Tank

-Height: 37"

-Diameter: 35"

-Domed bottom

-Inlets: One 1.5", one 1"

-Outlet: 1.5"

-Has heating coil

-Distance from the ground to the bottom outlet: 2.5"

Stock Number: C10364
130 Imperial gallons
156 U.S. Gallons
590 Liters

130 Imperial gallon closed top plastic tank

-Closed top with manhole opening

-Flat bottom

-Measurements on side in U.S. gallons

-2" nipple on the side at the bottom

-1" nipple on the side at the top…

Stock Number: B1059
130 Imperial gallons
156 U.S. Gallons
590 Liters

Tank With Mixer On Lid


Stock Number: C10373
140 Imperial gallons
168 U.S. Gallons
636 Liters

False bottom fibreglass tank

-18" false bottom

-Tank dimensions: 38" diameter x 36" tall

-Lid half opens on top

-Tank has dome bottom with 3" drain on bottom


Stock Number: B1369
157 Imperial gallons
189 U.S. Gallons
713 Liters

Stainless-Steel Tank with 3" Outlet


Stock Number: B1328
163 Imperial gallons
196 U.S. Gallons
740 Liters

Stainless Steel Mixing/ Grinding Tank with Weg Motor

Stock Number: C10234
170 Imperial gallons
204 U.S. Gallons
772 Liters

Stainless steel Open Top Tank On Wheels

-On 4 wheels

-Open top

-Flat bottom

-304 stainless steel

-Tank Dimentions: 36" Dieameter x 48" Tall 

-Legs are 11" tall 


Stock Number: B1359
181 Imperial gallons
217 U.S. Gallons
823 Liters

Stainless-steel Holding Tank

Stock Number: C10117
182 Imperial gallons
218 U.S. Gallons
826 Liters

Plastic Tank

-47" tall x 37" diameter

Stock Number: J180
200 Imperial gallons
240 U.S. Gallons
908 Liters

Stainless steel tank with dome bottom

-4 stationary legs that are 30" tall

-Dome bottom with a 3" drain on bottom

-1" valve on the side at the bottom

-Manhole on top

-Tank dimensions: 35" diameter…

Stock Number: B1334
Manufacturer: Walker
Model: SB-200
200 Imperial gallons
240 U.S. Gallons
908 Liters

Walker 200 Gallon Jacketed Stainless Steel Surge Tank

-Serial number: SPG-14370

-Tank diameter: 42"

-Length of tank with legs and motor: 9'2"

-Distance from bottom discharge to the ground: 34"

-Width of discharge at the bottom: 10"

-Cone bottom



Stock Number: C10017
203 Imperial gallons
244 U.S. Gallons
922 Liters

Horizontal Tank 203 IG

-MAWP: 100/ FV PSI 

-MDMT: -20 F AT 100/FV PSI

-AT: 250 P

-Certified by Sharpsville Container 

-9" from the bottom of tank to the ground 

-64" (5 foot 4 inches) Overall height 


Stock Number: C10155
207 Imperial gallons
248 U.S. Gallons
940 Liters

Stainless steel Stationary Tank

-Open top with lid

-Stationary with fork pockets

-Flat bottom

-Diameter is 32.5"

-Height is 47.5"

 -3.5" flange on top  

-Bolt on lid 

Stock Number: C10344
215 Imperial gallons
258 U.S. Gallons
976 Liters

Fibreglass tank with manhole on top

-3 stationary legs

-Dome bottom

-Flat lid with manhole



Stock Number: B1343
230 Imperial gallons
276 U.S. Gallons
1,045 Liters

SS Insulated Horizontal Tank

 -Stainless steel hinge lids

Stock Number: C10228
238 Imperial gallons
286 U.S. Gallons
1,081 Liters

Stainless steel Tank With SM-Cyclo Mixer And A Reliance Motor

-4 legs on wheels with brakes

-Flat bottom

-Stair access

-Mixer : .96 HP, 1750 RPM

-Motor: 230/460 V, 1725 RPM

-Lid opens

-304 stainless steel

-Tank dimension:…

Stock Number: C10346
239 Imperial gallons
287 U.S. Gallons
1,085 Liters

Flat bottom fiberglass tank

-Fibreglass tank

-Flat bottom

-Sight line on side

-4 short stationary legs

-Tank dimensions are 42" diameter x 48" tall

-239 imperial…

Stock Number: B1578
258 Imperial gallons
310 U.S. Gallons
1,171 Liters

Polished Stainless-steel Tank

Stock Number: B1265
Manufacturer: INOX-TECH
270 Imperial gallons
324 U.S. Gallons
1,228 Liters

INOX-TECH Sanitary Stainless Steel Mixing Tank with Agitator

-0-515 RPM

-Cone bottom

-Manhole on top

-c/w Control Panel

-Height of legs with wheels: 35"

-height of tank + legs: 82"


Stock Number: B1360
272 Imperial gallons
326 U.S. Gallons
1,234 Liters

Flat Bottom Stainless-steel Holding Tank


Stock Number: C9683
Manufacturer: HOOVER
275 Imperial gallons
330 U.S. Gallons
1,249 Liters

Hoover APR Plastic Totes - 275 Imperial Gallons

  • 38" x 46" x 60" overall height
  • 2" drain side bottom c/w valve
  • 6" dia top fill port c/w cap
  • mounted on plastic 4 way pallet

Stock Number: B1510
275 Imperial gallons
330 U.S. Gallons
1,249 Liters

Plastic Totes in Galvanized Steel Cages

-Inlet: 6"

Stock Number: B1378
314 Imperial gallons
377 U.S. Gallons
1,426 Liters

Open Top Steel Tank


Stock Number: B1455
Manufacturer: Custom Metal Craft Inc.
Model: 514893
342 Imperial gallons
411 U.S. Gallons
1,554 Liters

Coned Bottom Aluminum Food Grade Totes


Stock Number: B1052
474 Imperial gallons
569 U.S. Gallons
2,152 Liters

Stainless Steel Tank With Mixer

-Tank dimensions 52” Diameter x 62” tall

-Closed top, Manhole lid

-Legs 43”

-104” Overall height

-Hawker Siddeley Electric motor: 5.0HP, 575V

-Former use was for sanitizer soap

-Bottom valve is 2.5" 

Stock Number: B1137
500 Imperial gallons
600 U.S. Gallons
2,270 Liters

500 Imperial gallon Stainless steel tank

-Dome bottoms

-4, 25" legs

-Open top

-2" tri clamp nipple on bottom

-Tank dimensions: 61" tall x 54" diameter  

Stock Number: C9419
500 Imperial gallons
600 U.S. Gallons
2,270 Liters

Plastic Storage Tank c/w SS containment - 500 Imperial Gallons

  • 4' dia x 7' high plastic tank
  • 5' x 6 1/2' x 32" deep SS containment tank
  • c/w Prominant metering pump
  • 2 IN STOCK

Stock Number: C10337
516 Imperial gallons
619 U.S. Gallons
2,343 Liters

Stainless Steel Mixing Tank With A Deep Cone

-Cone bottom with a  3.5" tri-clamp flange

-Mixer/cone scraper 

-2 manholes on lid

-61" diameter

-The height of the tank is 49"

-The over…

Stock Number: C10227
600 Imperial gallons
720 U.S. Gallons
2,724 Liters

Sanitary SS Jacketed Mix Tanks - 600 Imperial Gallons

  • 6' 4" dia x 38" straight side
  • 4" cone bottom, c/w 2 1/2" drain
  • full side & bottom dimple jacket
  • low pressure steam or hot water
  • insulated & SS clad
  • closed top c/w 1/3 hinged inspection cover
  • side…

Stock Number: B1499
600 Imperial gallons
720 U.S. Gallons
2,724 Liters

Stationary Stainless-steel Tank

-Small manhole on top

-Rectangle manhole on the bottom on the side17"x 12.5"

-Flat bottom

-Dome top tank dimensions: diameter 56" hight 69"

-600 imp

-4 stationary legs are 11.5" tall

-Has tank cleaner…

Stock Number: C10225
656 Imperial gallons
787 U.S. Gallons
2,978 Liters

Stainless Steel Tank With Lid

-On stationary legs

-Flat bottom

-304 stainless steel

-Lid opens on two sides

-656 IMP

Stock Number: C10374
750 Imperial gallons
900 U.S. Gallons
3,405 Liters

750 Imperial gallon Open top fiberglass tank

-Open top

-Tank dimensions: 60" diameter x 76" tall

-Two flanges on the side at the bottom, one is 3" and the other is 2"

-Flat bottom

-3" nipple on side…

Stock Number: C10368
770 Imperial gallons
924 U.S. Gallons
3,496 Liters

770 Imperial gallons flat bottom fibreglass tank on iron legs

-Flat bottom

-Three flange on the side at the bottom

-Iron legs are 12" tall

-Manhole on top

-Dome top

-93" tall x 55" diameter


Stock Number: B1496
800 Imperial gallons
960 U.S. Gallons
3,632 Liters

Mash lauter tun tank

-20" man hole on top

-Rectangle man hole on the side with cover is 12.5" x17"

-Main drain spout is 8"

-Tank dimensions: 76" diameter  x 49" height, the four legs are 28" tall

-Over all height with spout: 8'


Stock Number: C10313
821 Imperial gallons
985 U.S. Gallons
3,727 Liters

Stainless Steel Tank With Side Mixer

-6 legs with a cone bottom

-Cone top with manhole

-Mixer on side with a HAWKER SIDDLEY ELECTRIC MOTOR: 2 HP, 208 Volts, 7.46 AMPS, 1150 RPM,

-304 Stainless steel 


Stock Number: B1498
826 Imperial gallons
991 U.S. Gallons
3,750 Liters

Stainless-steel Jacketed Mixing Tank

-Stainless steel

-Mixer on top

-Kw: 1.5 

-RPM: 1740

-Volts: 335/ 575

-HP: 2

-Hz: 60

-On stationary legs

-One 20" man hole on top


-Tank dimensions: 69" tall 65"…

Stock Number: C10226
861 Imperial gallons
1,033 U.S. Gallons
3,909 Liters

Stainless Steel Sanitary Tank

-Dome bottom

-Lid has man hole and a sight glass on top

-Closed top

-304 Stainless steel 

-Tank dimensions: 66" diameter x 74" tall 

Stock Number: C10367
1,000 Imperial gallons
1,200 U.S. Gallons
4,540 Liters

1,000 imperial gallon fibreglass tank on iron legs

-Flat bottom

-Legs are 12" tall

-Closed top

-Two valves on the side at the bottom

-Flat top with a manhole

-Tank dimensions: 98" tall…

Stock Number: C10369
1,000 Imperial gallons
1,200 U.S. Gallons
4,540 Liters

1000 Imperial gallon fibreglass tank

-Flat bottom

-Open top

-Two nipples on the side at the bottom

-One 2" flange on the side at the bottom

-72" diameter x 70" tall


Stock Number: C9428
1,100 Imperial gallons
1,320 U.S. Gallons
4,994 Liters

Stainless Steel Storage Tank - 1100 Imperial Gallons

  • 6' dia x 6' 3" straight side
  • 7' 6" overall height
  • 12" peak top, c/w 18" manway
  • flat bottom 2" side drain
  • 304 Stainless steel 

Stock Number: C10371
1,240 Imperial gallons
1,488 U.S. Gallons
5,630 Liters

1,240 Imperial gallon Fibreglass tank on legs

-Dome bottom

-Manhole on Top

-On legs


-Tank dimensions: 71" tall x 78" diameter

-Legs are 45"

-2" flange

Stock Number: C10372
1,400 Imperial gallons
1,680 U.S. Gallons
6,356 Liters

1400 Imperial gallon fiber glass tank

-Manhole on top

-Flat bottom

-4" flange on side

-Tank dimensions: 61" diameter x 135" tall


Stock Number: B1145
1,500 Imperial gallons
1,800 U.S. Gallons
6,810 Liters

Steel Tank

-Tank dimensions: 145" tall x 62"

-Cone bottom with a 3" drain

-On steel legs

-4 in stock

-Shipping dimensions: 180" long/tall x 70" wide, approx 2000…

Stock Number: B1361
1,512 Imperial gallons
1,814 U.S. Gallons
6,864 Liters

Jacketed Stainless Steel Horizontal Tank

Stock Number: B1520
1,701 Imperial gallons
2,041 U.S. Gallons
7,723 Liters

Insulated & Jacketed Stainless-steel Tank



Tank dimensions

-Height: 7.1'


Stock Number: C10322
1,950 Imperial gallons
2,340 U.S. Gallons
8,853 Liters

1,950 Imperial Gallon Stainless steel Tank

-Flat top with manhole

-Dome bottom with centre discharge 

-316 Stainless steel 

-Steel ring on top

-On carbon steel legs 

-Tank dimension: 80" Diameter…

Stock Number: B1234
2,166 Imperial gallons
2,599 U.S. Gallons
9,834 Liters

Large Plastic Tank

-Previously used for tall oil

-Comes with carbon steel stand 

Stock Number: J211
2,170 Imperial gallons
2,604 U.S. Gallons
9,852 Liters

2,170 imperial gallon fibreglass tank

-80" diameter x 121" tall

-Square manhole on top 16.5" W x 28" L

-Flat bottom

-3 in drain flange on bottom at side

-Flat top

-0pen top…

Stock Number: C10317
2,451 Imperial gallons
2,941 U.S. Gallons
11,128 Liters

Stainless Steel Tank With Shallow Cone Bottom

-5 legs

-Shallow Cone bottom 

-2451 IMP

-Flat top with manhole

-set up for a mixer 

-Tank dimensions: 130" diamete x 81" tall 


Stock Number: C10223
2,504 Imperial gallons
3,005 U.S. Gallons
11,368 Liters

Double Walled Plastic Tank

-Double walled

-Flat bottom


-Closed top

-Tank dimensions: 179" Diameter x 88" height 

Stock Number: C10190
2,798 Imperial gallons
3,358 U.S. Gallons
12,703 Liters

Viatec Fibreglass Tank

-2798 IMP gallon

-Design temp and press 160 F

-Structural layer: 745-4615 Isophthalic

-manhole on top 



Stock Number: B1357
2,876 Imperial gallons
3,451 U.S. Gallons
13,057 Liters

Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank with a Steam Heating Coil

Stock Number: C10320
3,019 Imperial gallons
3,623 U.S. Gallons
13,706 Liters

Stainless steel insulated tank with carbon steel skin

-Insulated with carbon steel skin 

-On legs

-Dome bottom and top

-Manhole top

-Tank dimensions: 95" diameter x 126" tall 

-154" total height with legs 


Stock Number: C10370
3,300 Imperial gallons
3,960 U.S. Gallons
14,982 Liters

3,300 Imperial gallons Fibreglass Tank

-Flat bottom

-Dome top

-Manhole on top and on the side

-92" diameter x 141" tall


Stock Number: J224
3,600 Imperial gallons
4,320 U.S. Gallons
16,344 Liters

3,600 imperial gallon Stainless steel tank

-Flange on side at bottom is 2.5"

-Flat bottom

-Manhole on top

-Tank dimensions 190" tall x 82" diameter 

-304 Stainless Steel 


Stock Number: C9506
3,600 Imperial gallons
4,320 U.S. Gallons
16,344 Liters

Fibreglass Proceptor Double Tank Oil/Water Separation System

  • Separates oil/grease from water
  • 10' dia x 9 1/2' straight side
  • 12' overall height
  • 7' 2" internal straight side
  • skirted bottom, internal dish
  • center drain to side discharge (6")
  • 2' dome…

Stock Number: C10375
4,000 Imperial gallons
4,800 U.S. Gallons
18,160 Liters

4,000 Imperial gallon Fiber glass tank

-Flat top with manhole

-2 flange on side at the bottom

-Tank dimensions: 118" tall x 110" diameter


Stock Number: C10316
4,000 Imperial gallons
4,800 U.S. Gallons
18,160 Liters

Stainless Steel Horizontal Tank On Base

-Tank is on a base

-304 Stainless steel 

-Manhole on top

-Steel base

-Sides are domed

-Tank dimensions: 83" diameter x 163" Length


Stock Number: J368
4,749 Imperial gallons
5,698 U.S. Gallons
21,559 Liters

Steel Tank with Glass Lining

-Horizontal tank
-On 4 stationary steel legs
-Glass lined

Stock Number: B1204
4,892 Imperial gallons
5,870 U.S. Gallons
22,210 Liters

10' Tank

-304 Stainless steel 

-10 ft wide by 10 feet high

-Has sealed top with bolted on man way


-Valves for sight glass

-Sloped bottom to 2 inch…

Stock Number: C10314
5,104 Imperial gallons
6,125 U.S. Gallons
23,172 Liters

Flat Bottom Tank

-Flat bottom tank

-304 ss

-Flat top with manhole


-Height: 134" 

-Diameter: 116" 

Shipping dimensions: 


Stock Number: J206
6,990 Imperial gallons
8,388 U.S. Gallons
31,735 Liters

6,990 Imperial gallon Fibreglass tank

-114" diameter x 190" tall

-2 manholes. Both at the sides and the bottom. One is 19" the other is 28"

-Flat bottom


-Draining nipple is 3"


Stock Number: C10311
7,069 Imperial gallons
8,483 U.S. Gallons
32,093 Liters

7,069 Imperial Gallon stainless steel Tank

-Supported with 4 legs

-Dome bottom

-Flat top

-304 stainless steel

-Dimpled jacket on bottom 

-Grated walk platform on the top 


Stock Number: J213
8,330 Imperial gallons
9,996 U.S. Gallons
37,818 Liters

Aluminum Insulated Stainless-steel Tank

-146" tall x 122" diameter 

-Manhole on side is 25"

-Flat bottom

-Aluminum insulated

-Tank made of stainless-steel

-1" flange on side at…

Stock Number: J220
9,100 Imperial gallons
10,920 U.S. Gallons
41,314 Liters

9100 imperial gallon Stainless Steel mixing tank

-Flat bottom and top

-Heating coil on inside

-Manhole on side

-Stainless steel with insulation on the out side, some insulation damaged from move 


Stock Number: J367
10,082 Imperial gallons
12,098 U.S. Gallons
45,772 Liters

Large Stainless steel tank with manhole on the side

-Stationary tank

-Manhole on the side at the bottom and one on top

-Flat bottom

-Tank is 187" tall x 138" diameter

-10,082 Imperial gallons


Stock Number: C10091
11,500 Imperial gallons
13,800 U.S. Gallons
52,210 Liters

Fibreglass storage Tank

-CAPACITY:   11 500 I.G. / 52 280 L                                      








Stock Number: J216
11,900 Imperial gallons
14,280 U.S. Gallons
54,026 Liters

Insulated stainless steel tank

-Flat bottom

-Dome top

-Flange on side is 1.5"

-Tank Dimensions: 200" tall x 145" diameter



Stock Number: B1030

4 Step Work Platform

-Extra-large platform fits 2 people, toolboxes and tools

-50° incline Easily walk down steps facing forward

-Rubber pads secure to floor to prevent forward movement.

-Step-and-release pedal to move…

Stock Number: B1427

Aluminum Single Step

-Single step

Stock Number: J101
Model: 5SHCO-45

Conway Walk Over

-Safety Angle Crossover Ladder

-Provides safe walkway over conveyors, machinery, pipes, and other obstacles

-50⁰ safety angle allows user to face forward while descending

-1 x 16…

Stock Number: J103
Manufacturer: Conway

Custom Conway walk over

-Custom made Crossover ladder

-Standard perforated, raised, dimpled step

-Easily bolts together

-Durable blue powder coat finish

-Maximum rated load: 400 lbs…

Stock Number: B1132

Plastic Totes in Steel Frames

Total of 6 totes available in varying sizes: 

1 Small Tote with UN (Pictures 2-8): -Capacity: Imperial Gallons: 125, Liters: 575 -Serial number: D06113 -Test pressure:…

Stock Number: C9679

Stainless Steel Totes