Stock Number: J328

50/ 60 HZ Mettler Toledo scale head

-Model: IND780 panel

-100-240 VAC

-50/ 60 HZ


Stock Number: J283

A E Adam scale

-Model: CPD PLUS- 75

-Max 165lb

-D 0.05lb

-Scale base dimensions: 11.5" x 11.5"

Stock Number: J398

AND EM-60KAL Scale

-Scale plate length: 19.5" width: 15.5"

-60kg x 0.02kg

-132lb x 0.05lb

-2116oz x 1oz

-Needs an electrical cord 

Stock Number: B1314

Anritsu Corporation Check Weigher and Metal Detector

-Check Weigher Model: KWS6366BW3E

-Serial number: 4600204847

-Capacity size: 1200 G

-Volts: 115

-Hz: 60

-Amps: 2


Stock Number: B1050

Check Weigher

-25" x 30"

Stock Number: J229
Manufacturer: Rice Lake

Floor Scale

-Explosion proof 

Scale Base:

-Model: 4X4 HC2500

-SN: C73106

-Class: III

-Capacity: 2500 kg/ 5,000 lb

-Dimensions: 48" x 48"


Stock Number: J435
Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo
Model: IND236

Mettler Toledo Floor Scale


Stock Number: B1547
Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo
Model: BBA 432-3 PL

Mettler Toledo Scale

 SN: 2906975-7DJ

Stock Number: J282

Mettler toledo scale head

-Screen dimensions are 26" x 5"

-full scale head dimensions are 30" wide x 8.5" tall x 7" deep

Stock Number: B1751



-Model - CD-33 -9vDC 0.5A

-Tested working
-Shipping dimensions 22” length x 18” width x 33” heigh

Stock Number: B1553
Manufacturer: Rice Lake
Model: CW90X-A

Rice Lake Platform Scale

SN: 1802300101

Stock Number: B1552
Manufacturer: Rice Lake
Model: 420 Plus-2A

Rice Lake Rolling Platform Scale

-Capacity: 200 X 0.01 KG

Stock Number: B1750

S.K.R scale 60kg capacity

Model - FWN-V10DL

-60 kg capacity -Voltage
-ac100-240V 60HZ
-Date put into service 07/25/2020
-Shipping dimensions: 21” length x 12” width x 30” height

Stock Number: B1735


-47.5” square -4.25” height

-Model number: MAPP4U-5000NN-L
-Divisions: 15,000
-Max Capacity: 2,500
-Western scale head: 100-240 V, Model number is M1

Stock Number: B1749

table top scale

-Model WN-V3DL

-3kg capacity

-Ac 100-240v 60hz

-Date put into service 07/25/2020

-Tested 10/2023

-Shipping dimensions: 13” length x 10” width x 5” height