Stock Number: A160
Manufacturer: Gracco Inc
Model: 236147
11 Imperial gallons
13 U.S. Gallons
49 Liters

Paint Mixer and Holding Pot

Stock Number: A145

100 HP Eaton VFD/ AC Drive

-Serial number: 14059016
-Model: SVX9000
-525-690 V
-100 HP
-Missing key pad
-1 available

Stock Number: B1110

100 Pro Filtration Filters


-100 in box

-1 box available 


Stock Number: B1092

12" Agri-Fan

-115/230 V

-.25 HP

Stock Number: B1091

18" Agri-Fan

-3 HP

-150 V/ 230 V

-1625 RPM

-18" fan

Stock Number: B1097

50 3M Filters


-50 in a box

-6 boxes in stock 


Stock Number: B1280

7ft G80 Double Chain Sling

-7ft long

-2 ton rating


-2 available 

Stock Number: B1084

ABB Process Master Flow Meter

-Made from carbon steel

-4" flanged 

Stock Number: B1457
Manufacturer: DV Air
Model: ASD 30

Air Dryer for Compressed Air

-Serial number: 07M-013971

-Volts: 115

-Phase 1

-Scfm: 30 

-Dimensions: 2' x 2' x 2'

-Tested on Dec 12th, works great!

Stock Number: B1477
Manufacturer: Armstrong-Hunt Inc
Model: AQ-181-HS-T12-Special

Armstrong Heater/ HD Steam Unit

Stock Number: C10327


-Digital Incubator

-0.8cf capacity

-Solid door with lock


Stock Number: J107

Box of Green Plate Filters

-Twelve 16x20x2 sized filters in the box

-Many different sizes of filters available as well 

-Inquire about other sized filters 


Stock Number: B1436
Manufacturer: Best Packaging Systems Inc

Stock Number: B1139

Bug Light

-15 W

-65 AMPS

-Dimensions: 21" wide x 6" deep x 12" tall

Stock Number: B1331

C&D Technologies Battery Charger


Stock Number: B1504
Manufacturer: CATERPILLAR
Model: 300

CAT C9, 375kva Diesel Generator

Stock Number: A113

Crane Hook

30 ton

Stock Number: B1109

Double Stacked Trolley

-6 in stock

Stock Number: A127

Durant Bander Automatic Rewinder

-Has manual arm

-GE Industrial Systems motor: 1/4 HP, 1725 RPM, 90 V

Stock Number: A146

Eaton VFD/ AC Drive

-Serial number: V00001884089

-Type: SVX125A1-5A4N1

-Input: 525-690V, 50/60 Hz, 144A

-Output: 0-320 Hz, 144 A

-Power (IL): 132kW, 690V/ 125 HP: 575V


Stock Number: B1126
Model: R3G630-AB06-03

Ebmpapst Blower Fan

-Modle number is R3G630

-21.5" opening

-Fan dimensions 31.5" wide x 17" deep x 31.5" tall

-380-480 V 

Stock Number: A156

Enclosed John Deere Engine Drive to Hydraulic Pump

-On tandem trailer
-Located in Brantford, Ontario
-We have a hydraulic sludge pump, sold separately 

Stock Number: C10341

Explosion Proof Phone

-13" x 6" x 4.5"

-To be mounted

-Explosion proof

Stock Number: B1542
Manufacturer: Bell & Gossett Hoffman Series
Model: FT015H-3

Stock Number: C9585
Model: Pureflow 1000

Fend-All Pure Flow 1000 Eyewash Stations

  • Model - Pureflow 1000
  • 30" wide x 30" high x 23" deep
  • wall mount
  • 7 gallon cartridge = 15 min flush time

Stock Number: C10590


-One head filler

Stock Number: A153

Fire Suppression System

-Pressurized dry powder…

Stock Number: B1194

Fisher scientific Traceable hygrometer thermometer dew point

-In protective case

-Two in stock

Stock Number: A102

Food Grade Fanuc Robot M-4301A

-575 V

-Two Teach Pendents 

-One arm, two controllers (master and slave)

-Controls in a good grade stainless cabinet 

-Fanuc system R-30IA

Stock Number: B1572
Manufacturer: Aerostar

FP Mini-Pleat Filter

-Filter Size: 24x24x12…

Stock Number: B1275

Freezer Panels

Stock Number: B1543
Manufacturer: Spirax Sarco
Model: FT15

FT 15 Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap

-Inlet & outlet: 3/4" 

Stock Number: B1575
Manufacturer: W.L Gore & Associates, Inc.

Gore-Tex Light-Pulse Filters

-Part number:…

Stock Number: C10599

Groth Flame Arrestor

-Model number: 1300-02-344-TCZ
-Serial Number: 76H 38469
-Flange size & rating: 2", 150 FF

Stock Number: B1282

H.B Fuller Liquamelt Adhesive & Equipment System

-For heating and dispensing liquamelt material
-Air motor: Serial number: A260
-Max WPR: 100 psi

-HB Fuller serial number: 4907100066
-Volts: 230/1

Stock Number: C10330
Model: 8300-158

Haws Axion Safety Shower & Eyewash

  • Model - 8300-158
  • combination shower & SS eyewash basin
  • galvinized steel piping c/w striping
  • CSA approved

Stock Number: C10126

Heat Sealer

-Menufacture: Thermo-Jaw

Stock Number: B1332

Hertner Battery Charger

-Model: CTN-18-680C
-Serial number: HR85816-2-1
-MFG number: RB58721
-Type Batt: L-A
-Charge Time: 8Hrs
-A.H Batt: 680
-NO. Cells:…

Stock Number: B1523
Model: CK 65

honeywell scanner

-We have 9 in stock

-Model #: CK 65

-We also have two chargers, which hold 4 scanners, under inventory number B1521

Stock Number: B1274

Husky Steel Barrel

-2" inlets/ outlets

-Height of barrel: 35"

-Total Height with wheels: 40"

-Diameter: 25"

Stock Number: B1521

intermec technologies charging station

-We have 2 in stock 

-We have 9 honeywell guns under inventory numbers B1523

-compatible with honeywell scanners


Stock Number: B1544
Manufacturer: Watts
Model: WIB-81-125

Inverted Bucket Steam Trap


Stock Number: A168
Manufacturer: Kaeser
Model: BSD 50
CFM: 241

Kaeser Compressor


Stock Number: A111
Model: MB 225-3

Mikropor Compressed Air Dryer

-440 V

-Max PSI is 232

-Refrigerant is R134a

-Weight is 8.8 lbs

Stock Number: C10527

Mixing blade

-Shaft length: 37"

-Blade length: 13.5"

-Variety of blades available 

-Inquire about other sized blades

Stock Number: C10579

Pizzato Safety Switch

-Model number: FR 992-D1



-Many available

Stock Number: B1121

Powder System Bag Dump

-Portable with wheel locks

-125 V

-9" Import

-5" Outport

Stock Number: J249


-Dimensions: 16" wide x 24" deep x 27" tall

-2.5" inlet and outlet

Stock Number: J250

Radiator 2" Inlet and outlet

-Dimensions: 24" deep x 9" wide x 27" tall

-2" inlet and outlet

Stock Number: A154

Rail Wheels

-Wheels for road tracks
-Located in Maple Ridge, BC
-$200 +tax each

Stock Number: C10580

Schmersal Safety Switch

-Model number: AZ 17-02zrk



-Many available

Stock Number: A132

self-operating temperature regulator

-Self operating

-1" inlet and outlet

Stock Number: J424

Set of Freezer Doors


Stock Number: C10125

Simco Industrial Ionizing Blower

-Aerostat: 120 V, model number…

Stock Number: B1300

SS Drum lid with 17" x 5" Serpentine

-17" x 5" serpentine

Stock Number: B1324

Stainless Steel Bag Dump with Feeder

Stock Number: B1301

Stainless Steel Serpentine

-17" x 5" serpentine 

-3 available

Stock Number: C10605

Stainless Steel Tote Dumper

-RMF Steel…

Stock Number: C10351

Stiebel Eltron Hand drier

-model: Galaxy 2




-1 phase

Stock Number: C9484

Strong Hold SS Storage Cabinet

  • 60" wide x 30" deep
  • peak top
  • 82" high at front, 92" high at back
  • 2 sections (24" on left, 36" on right)
  • (1) sliding SS drawer
  • (1) lower shelf
  • (2) 110 volt outlets on back
  • (4)…

Stock Number: A155

Tanker Truck Inspection Station

-Two fold out platforms with railings

-Counter weights on fold outs

-Located in Maple Ridge BC

$12,000 +tax

Stock Number: C9470
Model: BDAP 1304 SS

Taylor SS Valve Bagger - 2"

  • Model BDAP 1304 SS
  • 2" valve spout
  • 480 volt Xproof electrics
  • SS control panel
  • SS VFD cabinet
  • SS agitated hopper
  • portable

Stock Number: B1053

Tenant Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

-Brush motor 0.75 HP

-Vacuum motor .8 HP

-Solution tank capacity is 30 gal (114 L)

-Recovery tank capacity 40 gal (151 L)

-System voltage is 36 V

Stock Number: B1102

Townsend No Load Blade

-445 x 22 x .7

-18 Blades

Stock Number: C10096
Manufacturer: Leybol

Turbovac 450

– Pumping speed: 450 litres per sec. (for N2)
– High vacuum flange: DN160ISO-K OR ASA
– Foreline flange: DN40KF
– Cooling: water cooled
– Pump shown is standard TMP450 with…

Stock Number: C10350

Universal Flow Rate Indicator

-2.5" inlet and outlet

-3 wire switch rated 15A, 480 VAC; 1/8 HP, 12VAC; 1/4 HP, 250 VAC

-4-wire switch rate 15 A, 480 VAC; 1/4 HP, 125 VAC; 1/2 HP, 250 VDC; 1 A, 125 VDC; 0.5A, 250 VDC

Stock Number: C10144

universal handling Equipment Bailer

-600 V

Stock Number: B1108
Model: 57970AS


-Pneumatic dump valve

-Control panel

-Variable speed drive 

-5 HP 

-575 V

4.3 AMPS 

Stock Number: B1501
Manufacturer: Economos
Model: Absaugung NG40

Vacuum/ bag house

-4.5 Inlet 

-400 volts 

-3.5 Amps

-1.50 KW 

-Dimentions: 31.5" lenth x 33.5" width x 82.5 height 

-Approx 430 LBS 

Stock Number: C10224

Ward System Bag Dumper


-80" Tall

-Base is 37"x 37"

Stock Number: B1549
Manufacturer: Zebra Technologies Corp.
Model: Z4M TM

Z4M Plus Label Printer

-SN: 02C06351237