Stock Number: B1398
Manufacturer: Alto-Shaam Combitherm
Model: 7.14 ES

Alto-Shaam Combi Oven


Stock Number: B1322

Automatic Sauce Measuring and Filling Machine

Stock Number: B1391
Manufacturer: Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment
Model: IR-12-SPR

Auxiliary Deep Fry Cabinet


Stock Number: B1467
Manufacturer: BUNN-O-MATIC Corp.
Model: ICB Twin

Bunn Coffee Maker


Stock Number: B1466
Manufacturer: BUNN-O-MATIC Corp.
Model: H5X-40-208

Bunn Hot Water Dispenser


Stock Number: B1435
Manufacturer: Vollrath

Chafer Stainless Heated Food Display


Stock Number: B1468
Manufacturer: Cleveland Range LTD.

Cleveland Tilting Skillet/ Tub Cook & Dump


Stock Number: B1393
Manufacturer: Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment

Stock Number: C10328

Euroven Cuisine De France Convection Bakery Oven

-208 V 

-1 Phase 

Stock Number: B1434

Food Tray Carts


Stock Number: B1438
Manufacturer: Hatco Corporation
Model: FSHC-6W1

Hatco Heated Holding Cabinet

Stock Number: B1390
Manufacturer: Vollrath Company LLC
Model: RDE8136

Heated Food Display Case

Stock Number: B1471
Manufacturer: Hobart Corporation
Model: C44A

Hobart Dishwasher


Stock Number: B1461
Manufacturer: Hoshizaki America Inc.

Hoshizaki Ice Maker

Total dimensions:

Stock Number: B1470
Manufacturer: Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment

Imperial Grill & Skillet on Table with Heated Drawers

Stock Number: B1400
Manufacturer: Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment

Imperial Oven and Stove Top

-Gas powered

Stock Number: B1439
Manufacturer: Bunn-O-Matic Corporation
Model: TFSERVER, 1.5g/ 5.7L Mech

Insulated Coffee Dispenser

-Serial number: TF00537421

Stock Number: B1460
Manufacturer: Intermetro Industries Corp.
Model: C539-HDS-U

Metro C5 3 Series Insulated Storage


Stock Number: B1433
Manufacturer: QBD Modular Systems Inc
Model: WC4680

Refrigerated Food Display Case


Stock Number: B1463
Manufacturer: Roasters

Roasters Espresso/ Cappuccino/ Hot Chocolate/ Latte Machine

-Cup space height: 4"

Total dimensions:

Stock Number: J424

Set of Freezer Doors


Stock Number: B1473
Model: QCS-2-800

Small Holman Pass Through Toaster

-Serial number: TQ280A1008A0006

Stock Number: B1459
Manufacturer: A.C Dispensing Equipment Inc
Model: AC30

Sure Shot Milk & Cream Dispenser


Stock Number: B1396
Manufacturer: True Manufacturing Company

Stock Number: B1399
Manufacturer: True Manufacturing Company

True Refrigerator