Stock Number: C10072

Portable Stainless Steel Table

-Large Back to Table

-Working surface is 36”x25”

-Height from ground to working surface is 40”

-Height overall is 52”

-Has locking wheels

Stock Number: B1045

Shipping Desk

-Comes with keys 

Stock Number: B1093

Sink Sanitary Foot Valve

-(2) 1/2" NPT Female inlet

-2-9/16" centers

-1/2" NPT outlet to rear

-Brand new in box

-5.5" x 2" base

Stock Number: B1458

Small Handwash Sinks

Total dimensions:

Stock Number: C10153

Small Lab Table

-5 drawers

Stock Number: B1113

Stainless steel Walk over with aluminum steps


-Stainless steel railings and aluminum steps 

-Platform is 32" x 26" 

-Platform stands 52"tall 

-5 steps 

-The steps are 24" wide x 4" deep 

-Shipping dimensions: 61" wide x 94" tall x 61"…

Stock Number: B1508

Stainless-steel Sink and Table

Table dimensions:

Stairs / Platforms

Stock Number: B1651

Three Sink Stainless-steel Unit

Sink(s) dimensions:…

Stock Number: B1663

Two Sink Stainless-steel Unit

Sink(s) dimensions:…

Stock Number: B1914

Work platform diamond plated stainless steel

-Diamond plated 
-29" x 81" x 13" tall 
-The standing platform is: Length:81.5” x Width:28”
-Shipping dimensions: Length:96” x Width:34” x Height:57”
-Has adjustable feet and two stainless railings